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      Hi – I'm trying to be a smart patient and read up on my choices for the immunotherapy. I was diagnosed in May with Level 4 Melanoma. That was removed in June, along with a precancerous spot and some lymph nodes. It was 1.4 mm deep, was not ulcerated, infected 3 lymph nodes, did not metsasize, and I have angiolymphatic invasion. I go in on the 16th to have 2 neck and the auxillary lymph node removed. Then I start immunotherapy. I almost qualified for a clinical, but the angiolymphatic threw me out. And because of that, wait and see is not an option. Dr. Kushalani threw out another option because it was not his favorite. Looks like he has it narrowed down to Low does of Yervoy or the Interferon Route. 

      I'm looking for personal experiences with these options, or feedback of any sort. Thank you inadvance! 

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        eric w

          If they are suggesting interferon get a second opinion.. 


            I agree with Eric.  If they're even mentioning interferon you should be cautious about their recommendations. Get a second opinion. 


              I was diagnosed Stage 3a in May 2016.  Interferon was recommended as my treatment plan but I sought out a 2nd opinion.  My 2nd opinion recommended yervoy at 3 mg instead of 10 mg.  I have no issues … I had 4 doses, 3 weeks apart and then I am doing mainteance of 1 infusion every 3 months.  My last infusion of the maintenace plan will be September.  


                Is the doctor a melanoma specialist?  If not I would seek out one.  They handle side effects better and know more about the best drugs.



                    I agree with the above responses.  I did a year of Interferon before I qualified for immunotherapy. No change in tumors and I was miserable for a year.  Have done ipi/nivo in 2015 and Keytruda this year.  Doing fine so far. Interferon would be last choice.  Good luck with treatment 

                  Enid Weiss

                    I am starting CMP-001 trial next week – – you might check to see if this is one for which you qualify?


                        How are you doing on the trial cmp001?


                        I only did interferron and I am 7 years NED.  I did not take it for a year, I took the one month high dose and about a month of the low dose.  My doctors said that one month of high dose usually works and for me it has.

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