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I always forget to ask the right questions

Forums General Melanoma Community I always forget to ask the right questions

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      I had my routine fullbody today. 6 months ago, new mole that ended up being an moderate atypical,no need to take more margins. Today’s was tinier than the sharpie dots used to mark where the doctor punch biopsied. Tiny. But new. He was different. More serious. Said he wanted to wait to schedule followups and etc until the results. I am concerned but this is my fourth time so I am trying to wait to give this much energy.

      However, it is hard not to think at all. I ended up not asking about a tiny lump under the skin jist below my right knee. Far away from all other suspicious benign moles removed and the original primary on left calf. When Melanoma does form a lump under the skin is it like a 1 cm type hard hard mobile lump? Also I have had really thick sludge in my throat. That seems unrelated completely to me but hey, hours later waiting on a biopsy a person bunny trails symptoms sometimes.

      Sure keep thinking one day I will be a bit more chill until the facts catch up. I am better than 3 years ago but I have a ways to go. Anyway, any feedback would be welcome. Thank you!

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          Hi Chelem2, I see the derm every 3 months and write down any suspicious lumps or moles for her to look at. I had a warning sign when the melanoma advanced- it was a 1 cm moveable hard lump in my armpit. Keep an eye on the lump below your knee. You can ask for a sooner appointment for followup on that.

          Wishing you the best,



            When Melanoma does form a lump under the skin is it like a 1 cm type hard hard mobile lump?

            Hard and semi-mobile would be a good description of the palpable tumors I’ve had. I say semi-mobile because they won’t move far, and won’t stay there – they pop back in place. Generally I have noticed them when they’re bigger than 1cm!

            I’d second Cindy’s advice to let the doctor know. When I’ve informed my oncologist there were new lumps he had me get a PET right away. Good luck and hang in there.

              Thank you ladies. I am still waiting on the results. I think I should ask were your lumps near your original primary? Or around lymph nodes?

              My original Melanoma was .03 mm deep/Stage 1A superficial spreading Melanoma and the doctor felt that one would not cone back as it was only a very few cells that went that low. The original biopsy actually got it all. This lump is way over on the other leg from my original. I showed it to my primary dr but he thought it was nothing but then I wonder what primaries know about Melanoma.

              I just sprouted a dyplastic nevi, in a 6month period of time, that was removed in August. It was about 2mm across. Moderate so no margins taken. On my back. This new unknown if it is another Dysplastic Mole or Melanoma sprouted in 6 months and it is like 2mm max as well. The Sharpie dots were bigger. I am just thrown by this. Why are the Nevi sprouting at 52? My derm keeps saying it isn’t normal too and yet here we are.

              I never have had a pet scan or any of that. I sure wish there was a faster turnatound on biopsies. Thank you for responding. I just go a little blank in the office and it isn’t helpful my husband can’t go in right now due to Covid. He keeos things on track.

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