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How many times can nodular melanoma come back?

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community How many times can nodular melanoma come back?

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      I am curious just how many times nodular melanoma can keep coming back. I was diagnosed originally in February 2012 with stage IIIB. It quickly changed and to date I have had it come back in new locations, but all on the same side of my body, 9 times. I recently had another positive biopsy I am scheduled for a pet scan in 10 days. I have been on multiple chemo drugs which did not work out and the tafinlar and mekinist were to toxic for me. I have been on Keytruda for the last 2 years but they are considering trying something else since I keep getting positive recurrences. I am thankful I’m still doing pretty good but all these surgeries are leaving me with so much scar tissue that is uncomfortable. A small price to pay for keeping me alive I suppose. The doctors keep telling me that they hope this is the last time but I’m beginning to think that 9 years and 9 surgeries may just be my new normal. Has anyone else had this many positive recurrences? The doctors do believe the Keytruda is keeping it from spreading to my organs and slowing it down but it just doesn’t seem to go away. I am just curious if anyone else has gone through this so many times.
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          Hi Pknight,

          There is a poster on this board that said he had numerous primary lesions.  What stage were all your other lesions? Maybe Keytruda is keeping melanoma from spreading to your organs, however, I don’t know how Keytruda can prevent a stage 0, 1 or 2 if the lesion has not become invasive.


          harry burinot
            I have nodular melanoma and I am a stage 1b as well. I’ve also wondered if there is a better chance of recurrence with nodular melanoma. I look forward to hearing from Cindy or another expert here regarding your question.

              Nodular melanoma diagnosis 2009 with at least 8 recurrences-I lost count. I completed 2 years Opdivo October 2020. My November scan showed no active disease but I have learned how sneaky melanoma can be. No organ involvement just all over my right leg.  Just stay vigilant. Grateful for all my BONUS time.

                Hey Pknight,

                Sorry for what you are dealing with.  Like others, I am really glad that you have been able to note and remove your lesions ASAP!!!  I should think the Keytruda is helping (though I’m sure at times it doesn’t feel like it!!!).  I recently put up this article that has a section on nodular melanoma that may interest you – though it is not really something you don’t already know –

                For what it’s worth.  I wish you well.  Celeste

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