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    space oddity
      After six and a half years from his initial diagnosis and four years after recurrence, a failed yervoy and targeted therapy and finally after two and a half years on keytruda, my husband’s scans ( pet scan and brain MRI) are absolutely clean! We couldn’t be happier and I would like to share this with all of you. I have learnt and still learn so much from this forum, from all of you brave people. Thank you all. We thought that we would live with melanoma as far as it goes, because the tumours were stubborn for a long time. It takes a lot of hope and patience, but some drugs can really do wonders. I wish you all health.
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          MRS? Space Oddity – well hallelujah!!!!! This is some sweet news. Let’s keep your medical horizon boring now. Dr. James Allison, stated if you keep NED three years after immunotherapy, you’ll be in the clear. I asked my oncologist if this was a true statement. His response was 99% of the time. Wishing you and Mr. Space Oddity the best!!!!!
              Wonderful. Wonderful.
              Thank you for sharing the great news! Your husband’s story is very encouraging for me.
                So sorry for all the struggles, but so pleased to hear this news!!! Enjoy!!!! c
                  Oh, Space Oddity, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your husband’s story and great news with us. It really made my day to read this great news!

                  I recently had a recurrence after doing well for nearly 2 years. I’m on a new treatment plan and I can tell it’s working (it’s the first time I’ve dealt with Mets I can feel), but the mental weight can be hard. I know that immunotherapy and targeted therapy can work for people who deal with recurrence, but it’s much harder to keep the faith once you have a recurrence. Thank you for sharing yours and your husband’s story…it is a light for us!

                  I wish you both decades of life with no melanoma!

                  Sending COVID-free, virtual hugs to you both,.

                    Awesome to see great news like this! Happy for you and your husband!
                      Heartfelt congrats!
                        Congratulations and continued best wishes! Thank you so much for sharing your terrific news.
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