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      7 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis

      Monday, November 20th 2017 at 6:30 am
      Written By:
      GreenMedInfo Research Group
      This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2017

      Bees make more than honey.  They also make a waxy substance called propolis. And this "bee glue" is a powerful health balm.  In fact, studies show it has anti-cancer properties.
      Dr. Seema Patel of the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego State University conducted a comprehensive review of the literature on propolis and cancer.  Dr. Patel found laboratory and animal studies supporting propolis efficacy against cancers of the:
      • Brain
      • Pancreas
      • Head and neck
      • Kidney and bladder
      • Skin
      • Prostate
      • Breast
      • Colon
      • Liver
      • Blood 

      Propolis is astoundingly complex and contains as many as 300 active compounds.  These components were found to fight cancer in a variety of ways including:

      Preventing the growth of new blood vessels to feed cancer cells (anti-angiogenesis)
      • Preventing the spread or metastasis of cancer from one organ to another
      • Halting cancer cell division
      • Inducing apoptosis or programmed cell death

      In addition, propolis was found to mitigate the side effects or toxicity of chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of cancer.
      Bees make propolis by gathering resin from pine and other cone-producing evergreen trees.  They blend the resin with wax flakes and pollen, and take it back to the hive. There they use the sticky mess to patch holes, seal cracks and build panels in the hive.
      But propolis does more than architectural duty.  It also acts as an antiseptic barrier protecting the hive from contamination and from external invaders like mice, snakes, and lizards. In fact, the name propolis comes from the Greek meaning "defense of the city."
      The antimicrobial properties of propolis protect the hive from viruses and bacteria. Researchers found that bees living in hives coated with propolis have lower bacteria in their body and also 'quieter' immune systems.[i]
      And propolis doesn't just benefit bees. For thousands of years folk medicine practitioners have used bee glue to treat abscesses, heal wounds, and fight infection.  In fact, propolis was listed as an official drug in the London pharmacopoeias of the 17th century.
      Modern studies confirm a long list of health benefits offered by propolis.  A search of PubMed shows over 2,000 studies on bee propolis.  Here are just a few of its health benefits.
      1. Anti-Microbial Action
      Propolis has a wide range of antibacterial properties.[ii]  It is also has anti-fungal and anti-viral powers.  In one animal study, applying a propolis solution to wounds helped speed healing in diabetic rats.[iii]
      In children, propolis has been found to:
      • Prevent respiratory tract infections
      • Remedy symptoms of the common cold
      • Prevent middle ear infections
      2. Heals Burns
      A 2002 study from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that propolis may promote the healing of minor burns.[iv] The researchers compared a propolis skin cream with silver sulfadiazine, a drug used to treat burns.  Study results showed propolis was just as effective as the drug in treating second-degree burns.
      3. Prevents Dental Cavities
      Greek and Roman physicians used propolis as mouth disinfectant. Modern studies show it may be effective in the treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis.
      Many studies have also found that extracts from bee glue limit bacterial plaque and reduce tooth caries.[v]
      Other studies show that propolis may even help regenerate dental pulp,[vi] as well as bone tissue,[vii] and cartilage.[viii]
      4. Treats Parasites
      Preliminary trials show propolis may eliminate parasites.  In one study people who took propolis had a 52 to 60% success rate in eliminating the parasite giardiasis.[ix]
      5. Wart Removal
      In a single-blind, randomized, 3-month trial, 135 patients with different types of warts received oral propolis, echinacea, or a placebo.  The results were reported in the International Journal of Dermatology. Patients with plane and common warts achieved a cure rate of 75% and 73%, respectively. The results were significantly better than those associated with echinacea or placebo.[x]
      6. Beats Drug for Genital Herpes

      Propolis is more effective than a common drug for treating genital herpes according to a study published in Phytomedicine.[xi]
      For 10 days, 90 men and women with genital herpes applied either an ointment containing propolis flavonoids, or acyclovir (a drug used to treat herpes sores), or a placebo ointment.  The patients applied the ointment four times a day.
      By the study's end, 24 out of the 30 patients in the propolis group had healed.  Only 14 of 30 in the drug group, and 12 of 30 in the placebo group were cured.
      Like honey, the composition and health benefits of propolis will vary depending on the trees and flowers and the location where it is produced. You can find propolis in its raw form directly from a local beekeeper.  It's also in the "cappings" of honey – a crunchy mixture of pollen, propolis, and bees wax.
      Propolis is also available without the honey. But extracts or tinctures of propolis are more convenient to use.  They are popular for boosting the immune system, and for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.
      You can also find propolis formulations for colds and flu-like symptoms, wound healing, acne, cold sores, genital herpes, and dermatitis.  They are available as creams, ointments, lotions, toothpastes, and mouth washes.
      Oral propolis formulations can be found as pastes, lozenges, liquid extracts, tablets, and capsules.
      However, if you have an allergy to honey or bees, you may also have a reaction to products containing propolis.
      For more information visit Green Med Info's extensive research page on bee propolis. Are you a research buff or health professional? Check out our latest feature upgrades in the Founder's video here.
      [ii] Grange, J. M. and Davey, R. W. "Antibacterial properties of propolis (bee glue)." J R.Soc Med 1990;83:159-160. 
      [iii] McLennan SV et al, "The anti-inflammatory agent Propolis improves wound healing in a rodent model of experimental diabetes." Wound Repair Regen. 2008 Sep-Oct;16(5):706-13. doi: 10.1111/j.1524-475X.2008.00421.x.

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          Hmmm…  I love honey!  Really delicious on blueberry pancakes!!  Funny thing, though…I've been following all the things that "cure" melanoma for years and years and bee stuff and such has never come up!!!   I mean we have snake venom, starfish goo, the usual suspects of curumin and coffee.   Here's my latest post on all things of that ilk:  


          Today, I did post this ode to Mother Nature and the medical wonders her bounty has provided:  

          Maybe one day bee goo, bee spit, bee wax will cure melanoma!  One of my dearest friends is a bee keeper!!! (Bee pollen is actually really good at treating warts, giardia, and prevents tooth decay!)  But…right now, in melanoma world…we're just not there!

          Thanks for sharing!  Celeste


              So Bubbles…Celeste  (No-It-All) please enlighten the Board where the word CURE is found in this article??? Or where I mentioned the word CURE ??

              I posted this article as an enchancement to treatment not a cure. So please show us your proof where these research doctors are wrong. 

              As I said in earlier post's rose colored glass's is what you wear. Your entitled to your own opinion but not your own FACTS !!


                One of the many good things about this discussion group is the members' ability to discuss calmly and politely.   If you cannot do this it might be best if you refrain from posting.


                  I do NOT need someone like you or Bubbles attacking me on ever post ! I have as much right to post and voice my opinion as anyone else. I'm not selling or pushing anything.

                  People cannot declare this Board their exclusive domain where only there opinion has merit. This is not a mentoring board and the select few control it.

                  If anyone does not agree with the article fine that's your right and you can just move on. There is no need to be sacastic or dimissive, especially without proof.

                  Brent Morris

                    There are a number of issues to address Mr. Rob578:

                    1) There are only 29 articles in Pubmed that you can find with a search for melanoma and bee propolis in a data base that spans decades. None of the articles is more than a report of bee propolis on cells in a dish except for one on cytokine levels in mice. There is no data relating melanoma to the use of bee propolis in the treatment of melanoma in humans. I believe one would be hard pressed to bet one's life on this data. This is not a personal attack on you. It is a characterization of the data. 

                    2) To that point, your vituperative and personally abusive response to anything not entirely positive about the information you post is destructive and self defeating. It also detracts from the function of this forum. These are people with real problems seeking real solutions. This forum can be incredibly supportive. However I don't think it will tolerate your temper tantrums. 


                      Did I post this was a "cure" or as you put it " you can bet your life on it" ? NO I did NOT nor did I even make an inference . All I said on the post label is "interesting read" . 

                      Perhaps you should get your facts straight and not jump on the bandwagon !!


                        Maybe I am incorrect but I believe most users of this board are not looking for “interesting reads”. They are looking for others experiences, perspective and research information in a time in their life that are scared and looking for meaningful information from reliable sources. 

                        You appear to take exception to anyone that challenges your posts. You consider it unfair that you get challenged. I strongly encourage everyone that reads this post to check your sources. I personally have checked the Green Meds site. In my opinion The site has one purpose and it unfortunately is not for the betterment of the subscribers/readers.

                        This site is not a popularity contest and those that have over time provided meaningful information get rewarded with a thank you. 

                        If the thank you is what you desire then please post more than “interesting reads”


                        thank you


                          Rob, you just called Bubbles a "no it all." That is name calling, which is an attack. Celeste presented her point of view, which differs from yours. She did not attack you personally. 

                          Just a reminder to forum members: there is a "report" button and a "Contact" link at the bottom of the page to send a message to forum administrators. It worries me that people who are easily taken in will think they can trust Rob's alternative information simply because it is on the Melanoma Foundation forum. 


                          I've found Manuka honey to be helpful with my allergies and certainly helps when I start feeling that tingle of a sore throat, but I hope no one reads the post above thinking that honey is a cure for melanoma. 


                            I too like honey. To ensure balance MSK (Memorial Sloan Kettering) has a free app you can download to your mobile device called About Herbs that provides a very detailed perspective of bee propolis and pretty much any other botanical you can name. 

                            Like most others on this site I too come to be informed ( thanks Bubbles and Janner) I have used this site as well as many others to be informed so as to be as well informed as possible when I meet with my physicians. 

                            I typically post anonymously due to concerns around privacy. However, this matter is so important to me that I am compelled to not post anonymously. 

                            I was diagnosed in Dec 2017 Stage 3a. I am currently NED and following the standard protocol of surveillance (Chose to not take Interferon). I augment with an assortment of over the counter products in the hope that they will support good health.

                            Recently we lost a member of my family to cancer. She was diagnosed in August 2017 and elected alternative treatments only.  In January I attended her funeral. As background my sister in-law was the picture of health a gym rat that ate organic exclusively and was focused on nutrition  She was a practitioner of Heilkundt Alternative medicine.  She leaves behind a husband and 4 children.

                            There is no silver bullet for cancer. Stay informed, become your own advocate and be wary of the sources of your information.





                                  I don’t post often on this site even though I read it frequently. I come here for intelligent and fact based information  and of course for emotional support. I’m wondering why you are posting this article. It’s not helpful at all and it gives a false impression on what works. Please be aware that everyone on here could be facing a life or death situation and it’s irresponsible and dangerous  to give people false hope. Please stop!

                                 It’s obvious to me that Celeste, Ed and Janner are here every day to truly help people. I wish you well and hope that you will continue to be healthy. I’m inundated enough with fake news every day and this is a site that needs to stay as fact based as possible.



                                  That's sounds like a cool ap.  I'll have to check it out!  Sorry for you loss.  Glad you are hanging tough and still NED!!!!  Yours, celeste


                                    Thanks, Maureen.  Was trying to post above to NSNewf!  Have a great day!  celeste


                                      Both my husband (who has melanoma) and I take a few supplements and are considering a couple more. One was recommended by the oncologist (just a good probiotic). Based on info I found in on-line searches, we're holding off on two until we speak with him. The app had everything I spent time looking for (good and what held me back) in one location. Thank you so much, NSNewf. And I'm so terribly sorry about your sister-in-law. 


                                      Can you please disclose your relationship with Green Meds?  The last sentence in your post indicates you have a business relationship with the company and that you are promoting their products


                                          I think Ed and Bubbles have many alias's on this Board or a lot of people are strange. My relationship too Green Meds ? The only relationship I have is in your imagination.

                                          Can someone please explain what's wrong with enhancing your current treatment with vitamin "D" , C, or B . Or boosting your immune system with probiotics or bee propolis. Or even taking off-label drugs when 5 year stats suck. 

                                          Sorry I refuse to sit on my hands and do nothing to help my stats. I'm  Stage 3a and my melanoma oncologist's gives me 50% survival past 5 years. A 43% chance of it coming back year 1.

                                          I perfer to be proactive and go beyond what meds my oncologist's has prescribed. If anyone does not fine its entirely your choice. You can just ignore any of my post's. But to slander, slant , or condem my opinion is really not called for, is it !!


                                            Gosh Rob, don't you see it? Your responses are the problem. You are so angry and defensive. Take a chill pill and find a way to deal with your anger and oppositional behavior. Celeste's post in no way merited your response to it. If you can't remain calm and relaxed just don't post. 


                                              Rob we must be 3a twins switched at birth though it sounds as if the prognosis I am getting is more favourable. The stats I have been provided differ significantly for 3a namely 98% for year one. I am still in after a year so awesome. The 5 year is 78%. True everyone is different and it depends on many factors.

                                              I wish you continued good health.

                                              Also I am not Celeste or Ed. I am just a person that advocates for patient knowledge and have found this site very useful.



                                                NSNewf …no offence taken I wish I had your great stats. I did not have a primary and I'm labeled head and neck. I could post's links to stats of neck dissections with one positive node. But that's the deal I have been dealt with melanoma stage 3a.


                                                  Hi Rob,

                                                  Just wanted you to know that my husband started at a 3b his initial diagnosis was in Jan. 2008.  His lesion was on the back of his head and was 10.5 mm.  His WLE and SNB was done on Feb. 14, 2008.  The SNB came back negative.  He had a 10.5 cm circle cut from the back of his head and cinched down and a skin graft.  He would not do a CLND and he refused interferon and did the watch and wait as the interferon was the only thing offered to a Stage 3.  After 3 more surgeries and about 13 months later he went to Stage IV with mets to liver, lungs and unresectable at the Cervical Spine (C1 or C2 area) that was October of 2010.  In March 2013 he started a clinical trial for Ipi (10 mg/kg every 3 weeks for the initial 12 weeks and GM-CSF (daily injection for 14 days and 7 day off)  After the 12 weeks he then took the same dosage of Ipi every 12 weeks and GC-CSF for the 14/7 until Dec. 2013.  He became NED in July 2012 and has remained that way for over 5.5 years.  So you never know when you can pull ahead in the race against melanoma.

                                                  He had many conversations with the research nurse and she had worked with babies born Vitamin D3 deficient and switched to working with melanoma patients.  He spoke with his melanoma specialist and he agreed it couldn't hurt to try to get your Vitamin D3 levels up and so he worked on that part.  The research nurse followed and did more research and he had his Vitamin D3 levels checked often.  He was the only one that increased his Vitamin D3 levels.  So did it help we will never know and several debunk this.

                                                  He is the only one in this clinical trial that has gone this long without a reoccurence.  Three of them became NED.  Some never made the NED status and had regrowth sooner and of course some died while in the trial.

                                                  I am not claiming that this helped him survive but it is possible.  You live in Canada so I am sure you Vitamin D3 levels are low as we live in Ohio and I know ours is.  

                                                  Judy the loving wife of Gene Stage IV a clinical trial and now NED for over 5 years.


                                                    Hi Gene S happy that your husband has had great success with this challenging disease. He was very wise to take vitamin D3 in my opinion. I take it 3x a day. I could forward documentation to this Board but probably would be crucified for pushing a cure. Nevertheless I wish you and your husband good health and thanks for the post.


                                                      I guess a little bit too much time on my hands today. I did check out the link and Green Meds site. A couple of observations: I was constantly prompted to join to get 2 free books by the founder. Based on my cursive review the founder is also the author of a lot of research into alternative medicine. I noted his name attached to a lot of articles including positions on vaccines, fluoride, ultrasounds, etc. 

                                                      Should anyone wish to pay for access to the site I am sure there are a lot of other articles by the founder. 

                                                      Thanks Rob, I definitely would have not found the site with my conventional searches. 

                                                      BTW, I could not find the founders credentials or educational background. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right spot or I have to pay to get that information 

                                                      All the best, stay healthy 




                                                        I too have reviewed Green Meds quite a bit. They have some okay stuff but do push really hard at selling you stuff whenever you check out their site.



                                                        Wow this guy really gets attacked on every post he makes on anything alternative. What gives with this Board he never mentioned the word "cure" . The word he used was "interesting read"

                                                        A harmless substance like "Bee Propolis"  and you people have to attack , sad.

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