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ASCO 2021 – here we go! Intralesional/intratumoral therapy.

Forums General Melanoma Community ASCO 2021 – here we go! Intralesional/intratumoral therapy.

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      For those of you who are interested, I put up the first post of my ASCO 2021 review with the topic that of intralesional therapy ~

      As I noted within it,

      Gonna shoot for getting a post up daily til done with ASCO (family, work and general life obligations withstanding)!  My fearless and determined bestie had the tough job of going through <b>ALL</b> the ASCO reports!!  When searching for intel on TWO cancers, that task is NOT for the faint of heart.  I have gone through his collection and broken them down into topics.  The reports will follow the pattern I have used here:  Collected, but unshared articles, followed by the selection from ASCO 2021, with my thoughts in red.

      HA!!!  The three little posts that appear on the front page of MPIP are no longer SPAM!!!

      Kind request – if the Edster has some great pertinent videos to go along with the topic at hand – PLEASE add them!!

      I hope these collections will be of some use to at least a few of you.  Take good care. – c

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          Thank you for the write up.  I read it this morning.  It’s reassuring that there’s so fast r&d in cancer treatment going on.

          I wonder do you know if there was much info about the mrna cancer “vaccines” in the conference?  I was reading a little about the BioNTech one because a nearby hospital is participating.  Patient outcome information might be too new to have been there.

            Hey Billy,

            So far I have not found anything particularly illuminating regarding vaccines out of ASCO.  Not that I am the absolute arbiter on that!!!  However, I have always been (and continue to be) very hopeful that vaccine therapy can be helpful in melanoma.  The fact that peptide vaccines were paired with Nivo in the phase 1 trial I participated in back in 2010 constituted much of the draw for me.  Anti-PD-1 was a foreign concept and I was just hoping to get ipi once it was FDA approved if the vaccines didn’t work!!  HA!  Well – good news was that nivo was a home run.  Bad news was the vaccines, which were painful as HELL (we got 6 injections to the thigh every 2 weeks for 6 months) did us no good whatsoever!!!  They did, however, leave us with huge hard lumps palpable and visible beneath the skin that were periodically red, hot and tender.  While the interval is much less frequent, they still flare!  Mine are having a bit of time as we speak.  This is how I wrote about the results in 2013:  

            However, despite all that I remain encouraged with how the science is progressing.  Just now, lots of the info to be found about MRNA vaccines for melanoma and cancer generally is in the investment rags.  $$$$$!!!!!  Nevertheless, there is this that you might find interesting:

            Yours, c

              Thank Celest and Ed, that’s kind of what I was finding too.  Lots of enthusiasm about investment in their vaccine, not a whole lot regarding efficacy.  My brother had suggested I look into it, but there wasn’t much info.  Hopefully it does end up being useful in combination with just the right cocktail.

              Ouch Cel, that’s a heck of a souvenir.  I guess it’s semi-permanent now since it’s been so long?  Hopefully not.  I’ve been extremely lucky with side effect, etc, response not being too bad.  From radiation to injections and biopsies, almost none of it’s given me the permanent problems that were predicted..  The immunotherapy did turn my skin and hair white and grey. Small price.  Even the 2nd covid vaccine shot everyone complained about, I didn’t feel it the next day.

              Anyways, enough of a tangent for now.  Thanks for the info.

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