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Any success taking Ippi and Nivo the 2nd time?

Forums General Melanoma Community Any success taking Ippi and Nivo the 2nd time?

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      I had a recurrence in my right lung in February and had my right lower lobe removed on 3-29-23. I had a pet scan on 6-6-23. It showed up a couple enlarged lymph nodes around my lung and a tumor on my adrenal glands.
      My last dose of Nivo was 3-14-17. I took it for 17 months and started out with 4 doses of ippi with nivo. I had a great response.
      My Dr at Vanderbilt wants to start me back on ippi and nivo.
      Has anybody had success taking the ippi and nivo the 2nd time? I’m very concerned that it will not work the 2nd time.
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          Sorry you are dealing with this, Alydar. I have been lucky and not needed re-treatment. However, I have covered a lot of reports and data about using immunotherapy upon progression after having been treated with immunotherapy. Here is a link that covers that issue with many additional links within: immunotherapy after progression

          Bottom line from the research – yes, responses are highest in folks who have not had prior immunotherapy. HOWEVER, many who progress after being treated with immunotherapy – like the Yervoy/Opdivo combo – can attain good responses on a repeated regimen!!!

          Hope this helps. There are many other articles on the topic on my blog. Just use the search bubble if you are interested. I wish you my best. Celeste

            Thanks for the link Bubbles. I’ve always worried about this.
                Bubbles data does not actually reflect a 2nd course of ipi/nivo. It reflects the data of using ipi/ nivo after failing pd1 as a mono therapy. The response rate of a 2nd course of ipi/nivo is about 25%. I’m in the same situation after recurring 4 years later after a complete response to ipi/nivo. I’m hoping to only be surgically respected, but am waiting on a pet scan after having a Ct. recurrence is rare after having a CR or PR. only about 10% of immunotherapy responders end up in this category. 11 0f 44 people responded again to ipi/nivo , but many more had responses when combined with radiation and/or surgery. I hope we both can find responses from treatment again.
                Hi Lucas,

                Perhaps you will find this more particular – was hoping the links within the post would be easy to follow – but here you go:
                Ipilimumab or ipi/nivo combo after recurrence in patients previously treated with immunotherapy ~

                Specifically, the second article reviewed in the post. There are many reports that indicate using the ipi/nivo combo rather than a single agent after progression on immunotherapy has better response rates. I think choosing what to do upon progression post immunotherapy has everything to do with how the patient experienced side effects to previous immunotherapy, their ability to tolerate or risk more side effects, BRAF status, disease status, personality, MD tolerance for all of the above, etc.

                Perhaps you will find this (and links within) pertinent to your hopes regarding a surgical treatment: Surgery After Systemic Treatment for Melanoma

                I wish you my best. Celeste

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