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      Ten years ago today, I had the right upper lobe of my lung removed three days after having radiation to a brain met, all due to melanoma, diagnosed at Stage IIIb seven years prior.
      Today, I share these photos and my story, hoping that they provide some small joy, some spark of hope, a message of beauty and love, to those that are hurting. You are stronger than you think. And for all the pain and suffering – there is beauty ~ still.

      Much love to each of you. les

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          I want to thank you for not only posting your heart warning post of your journey with and through Melanoma but also for listening and talking to so many that are on the same journey. You truly are a Angel to all of us. Prayers, Hugs and Much love for you and your family for many more years. You are an inspiration to all of us.

          Thank You from the bottom of my heart,

          Rob is grateful
            Thanks Celeste for all of your kind words and encouragement to everyone on here, including me. You are certainly a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. To share what have you have learned and gained is a true act of kindness. Thank you
              Celeste, you ROCK!!!

                You are awesome. In our family, “You rock the house,” is the highest compliment. You definitely rock the house!


                  That’s quite a milestone. Enjoy the day.
                    Thanks so much for all you do! Here’s to another 20 plus years of growing beautiful flowers and sewing beautiful creations and enjoying your amazing family. I cannot put in to words how much your advice has helped me over the last couple of years as well as your indomitable spirit!
                      Thank you so much for sharing! Your flowers are beautiful, and so is your example to us. Spring is also a big part of my melanoma journey so far, but you show me what to dream about going forward.
                        Congratulations. Love backatacha.
                          Thanks Celeste. Not only is your story an inspiration, but a reminder of how bravely you faced your battles and throughout how openly you shared information that would be vital to many. Your perseverance is our blessing as you are the u questioned Queen of our Melanoma Pirate Ship.
                          Julie in SoCal
                            Hey, Les!

                            I wish you could see the huge smile on my face as I read your blog. Looking back can bring gratefulness and hope. Your blog does both Thanks for taking the time.

                            Oh and the flowers are gorgeous!


                              Hi Les,

                              Words don’t really do justice to how highly we (myself and the entire community) hold you in esteem. You know I love my data, but i think it simply is impossible to calculate the “Les” effect on the melanoma community and patients that battle this disease. Your advanced advocacy, knowledgebase, committment (both time and information), information sharing, guidance are just overwhelming. We love you for it all. You remain my personal hero, rock on.

                              Sorry, I’ve not been able to check the forum much these past few months, needless to say that it’s been busy in the pulmonary clinical research realm….

                                Thank you for posting Celeste. Happy 1oth April. Love the pics.
                                  May you never experience any more cancer crap ever Les. Thanks for being a beacon in this night. M
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