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9 years NED stage IV

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    Kim K

      The best part is forgetting exactly when the anniversary date is LOL.  I am now 16 years past stage 2A and 9 years NED from stage IV.  Unfortunately my mom at 86 is now battling primary brain lymphoma after breast cancer and BCC, Squamous cell carcinoma.  Our family has beaten the odds, hope we will continue the trend.


      Kim K

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          Way to go, Kim!  You are a true melanoma warrior!!  I'm sorry about your Mom; I've been a caregiver to my elderly parents for over five years now, and it's not for the faint of heart.  Take good care of yourself.



            So happy to read this news this morning! Nine whole years NED, what a thing to celebrate!!

            Wishing you forever NED status!


              Congratulations, Kim!  Glad to know that you are  still well.  So sorry to hear that your Mom has to deal with  cancer as well.  Prayers for you both.

              Rocco, Stage IV since 2005, NED since 2009, Ipi responder. 


                Congrats!!  And thanks!!!  For all the work and encouragement you provide here.  Sorry for what your mom is dealing with.  That's a tough draw…but fingers are crossed that she hang tough with the spirit of her daughter!!!  yours, c


                    Wow! That’s wonderful Kim, I wish the best for your mother as well in her journey 



                    Nine years NED after Stage IV is truly impressive.  Congratulations!  I hope your Mom reaches NED status as well really soon.




                      Awesome Kim.  Thanks for posting.  Best wishes for your Mom's health.

                      Congrats Kim and sorry to hear about your Mom's battle.  I love your tag, especially "You can't fix stupid".  I've recently started telling people "I don't deal with stupid" when they aren't using their brains.

                      Good wishes to you.


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