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Original title: The following aspects should be paid attention to in the operation of glass-lined reaction kettle equipment The glass-lined reaction kettle is made by coating the porcelain glaze with high silicon content on the metal surface and making the porcelain glaze closely adhere to the surface of the metal iron tire through enamel firing at 950 deg C. Therefore, it has the dual advantages of chemical stability and metal strength similar to glass. Next, Zoomlion Chemical will explain to you what aspects should be paid attention to when operating glass-lined reactor equipment: 1. During operation of the glass-lined reactor of the glass-lined reactor ? Pay attention to the sealing of flanges,molecular distillation systems, holes, manholes,wiped film evaporator, stuffing boxes, mechanical seals, jacketed glass reactor ,nutsche filter dryer, drain valves, etc. If a leak is found, immediate measures should be taken to protect against the outside world. The leakage led to corrosion of the flanged tire matrix and to cracking of the sealing surface under delamination of the bismuth glass. 2. Material with serious thermal reaction is added into a reaction tank of a glass-lined reaction kettle ? The jacket shall keep the cooling water unblocked to prevent the cooling water in the sealed cavity of the reactor from unblocking and accelerating the transient overpressure to damage the equipment by the unstable internal convex surface of the glass lining reactor. 3. Contact of the shell with the acid shall be avoided as far as possible during use ? To prevent damage to the surface of the glass-lined reactor due to the corrosion of the iron tires. If there is acid contact, neutralize immediately and rinse with water. 4. The reaction temperature of the glass-lined reaction kettle material exceeds When cooling is required at 100 ° C, the temperature of the water tank must be naturally reduced to a certain extent, and then the cooling water is slowly sent to the jacket to prevent sudden cooling and heating. 5. When acid and alkali are used alternately The service life of the alkali-resistant glass lining reaction kettle is shortened, and the equipment made of alkali-resistant enamel should be used. In principle, avoid situations where acids and bases are used interchangeably. 6. If the transmission equipment has abnormal noise ? It should be checked and handled in time. 7. If the glass-lined reactor is clogged at the bottom of the glass reactor Do not scrape with metal utensils. It can be opened gently with a bamboo or plastic pole. When discharging, if any porcelain debris is found, the damaged porcelain surface should be opened immediately and repaired and reused. 8. Safety management personnel and operators of glass-lined pressure vessels shall hold corresponding certificates of special equipment operators. 。 The user of the enamel reactor shall regularly conduct safety education and professional training for the pressure vessel operators, and make records to ensure that the operators have the safety knowledge and operation skills required by the pressure vessel,jacketed glass reactor, and update the knowledge in time to ensure that the operators master the operation. Procedures and emergency measures shall be carried out in accordance with regulations. The above is the operation of the glass-lined reactor equipment Zhonglian Chemical to explain the matters needing attention, I hope to help you! Related information article: The reason for the low speed of the glass-lined reactor in operation For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Zhonglian Chemical: back to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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