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I’m alive, and Love Jesus….

progression of MM:
onset January 1987, @ 26 yrs age.
Mole on left calf, grew up with mole.
Mid August 1990, mole removed by Dermatologist, was told benign. Got married 2 weeks later.
Lump appeared in left groin, early 1992- hurt like hell. Attended GP, and given antibiotics, told could be scar tissue, resulting from infection. Antiobiotics killed pain, moved on with life.
Late 1996, lump in groin began growing, caused numbness on anterior left thigh. Went to local “ski-doctor” and told was wearing too many layers of clothing– caused nerve damage. Was working in High Snow Country, outside on Metal Roofing project– former career as journeyman sheet metal mech.
Numbness became itching, to feeling of intense burning.
This was February 1997.
Finally got surgeon to look at groin. Initially told it was a hernia. Finally had courage to argue with doctor. He capitulated, and did biopsy. June 16, 1997.
Received pathology back June 20– Metastatic Mal. Mel.
Learned in December 2000 that I had been misdiagnosed in Sept. 1990.
Lesson– don’t trust doctors to actually do their job. Demand answers!

It’s the night before my tenth year since the last surgery. I’m feeling a sense of relief, and excitement.

That was February 9th, 2014.

Today is February 11th, 2021. I am NED, and am excited for the future.

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