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WARRIOR WAYNE IS 63 years of age (2012)
AUG. 1990: Colon cancer with early spread. Resection of 13 inches of colon – Max radiation and 52 weeks chemo. Other small polyps removed over the years, but no cancer. Great reports since then.

OCT. 1999: 1.45 mm Melanoma behind right ear lobe – Removed ear lobe and did SNB @ MDA Houston, TX – there was no node involvement. Watched him every 3 months at MDA for 8 years, then turned over to our Doc here to do the screenings.

March 13, 2012 – NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – diagnosed with Melanoma mets to both Lungs, Liver, Sternum, L-5 spine. (found it through a calcium scan for heart disease) Showed shadow on left lung through the scan. GOD IS GOOD to have shown it to us. Wow – what divine intervention.

Started ZELBORAF full dose = 4 2XD !

JUNE 2012 : After only 7 weeks of Zelboraf ALL tumors were completely gone. They call him a COMPLETE RESPONDER ! YES !!! 🙂

DEC. 2012: All PETS have continued to be clean except one strange, and very rare tumor on his right leg, which is NOT Melanoma, and not Cancerous. Will leave it alone.
Continue to see Dr. B at MDA every 28 days, with Pet Scans every other month. He is hanging in there now, still doing 4 Zel 2 X D – will continue indefinitely. Still working 5 days a week. Side effects beginning to calm down some. WHEW – WHAT A YEAR ! Hoping for a less eventful 2013 ! ONE DAY AT A TIME……

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