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Sang yuanyuan was delighted: “Let me see!” Han Shaoling tangled to wave his hands, only to see two rows of iron tower-like black strong man strode into the hall, shaking the top of the beam rustle off gold powder. A rough count, there are forty or fifty! Sang yuan yuan: “… …” The voice of the leader was like a loud bell: “Sang Da, lead Sang Er and Sang San..” Sang 48, ordered to guard the queen! This is to send the closest guard! Sang yuan’s heart was filled with very complicated emotions. The maids in the temple trembled with fear-the barbarians looked so terrible that their fists were as big as their heads. The most ugly face is Han Shaoling. He thought that even if he should, Sang Shi should also grasp the sense of propriety, will not make too much. Who would have thought that the king of Sangzhou had sent so many people! This line of people, the wind and fire trudged thousands of miles, rolling over with great momentum, it is said that nearly a thousand of the best beasts in the clouds were killed-can they endure! Moreover, obviously has married into Hanzhou, why do they still call her’Wang Nu ‘, this is not to recognize his meaning of the Lord?! Han Shaoling frowned and was about to break out when an urgent letter came to report that the king of Youzhou had led the army across the border with the emperor’s order and would arrive at the capital of Han in the evening. You have no life?! Han Shaoling’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his knuckles turned white unconsciously. Chapter 4 Sangzhou Goddess of War. King of Youzhou crossed the border?! Before he breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly another attendant came to report in a hurry. “Lord, the young man of Tiandu broke in with a dream girl and said he wanted to marry her-his subordinates didn’t dare to stop him!” This young childe is not an ordinary person, he is the female emperor’s own nephew Jiang Jinyuan, hid his identity to Hanzhou, with Han Shaoling,hot tub wholesale, the metal of the spiritual realm of the strong practice, has been nearly two months. It is impossible for the female emperor to have children, and she has no queen, so Jiang Jinyuan is very likely to be the next new emperor-if he can live longer than the female emperor. Han Shaoling had anger in his eyes: “What’s the matter?” Without waiting for the attendant to reply, Jiang Jinyuan’s clear voice came in far away: “I want to see my teacher, the King of Hanzhou. Who dares to stop me?!” The voice was still there, and a half-grown boy in a luxurious robe with gold thread and white background had dragged a weak woman into the room. The woman struggled and cried,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, “Let me go, let me go!”! Jiang Jinyuan, let me go! Han Shaoling felt dizzy. Jiang Jinyuan’s identity is top secret. This is good, and it is known to everyone. Han Shaoling looked at the dream carefree eyes, has been infected with a heavy murderous look. Two days ago, he let people send the dream out of the capital, did not expect her to have such a good means, actually caught up with Jiang Jinyuan. Thinking like this, the eye color is more deep and serene. Sang yuan gently raised his eyebrows. In the original story, Meng Wuyou was not sent out. Jiang Jinyuan met her in the palace and fell in love with her at first sight. He went to Han Shaoling and asked him to eat the first bucket of vinegar in his life. Although there were more people pursuing Sang yuan at the beginning, the queen of Sangzhou was dignified and courteous, and treated everyone gently and alienated, which made people jealous. Han Shaoling succeeded in seeking the return of the beauty, while the other suitors were disappointed, endless swim spa ,hot tub spa manufacturers, but there was no resentment, only hoping that the woman like the moon could live well. But the dream is worry-free, her family background is extremely low, the body has no bearing to speak of, suddenly, but also particularly easy to provoke peach blossom, every time make very embarrassed, crying to make in front of Han Shaoling. Han Shaoling spurned himself while sinking deeper and deeper. In ancient times, men and women were the main standard. Sang yuan had no waves in his heart and even yawned quietly. She’s not interested in getting involved in such shit as male and female protagonists. Anyway, it’s a waste of feelings to abuse and abuse until the end. When Jiang Jinyuan rushed in, he was very rampant, but to Han Shaoling’s dark eyes, a cavity of blood suddenly cooled down half, slightly hung his head, and shouted’teacher ‘. Han Shaoling stepped forward. The momentum is heavy. Jiang Jinyuan was obviously weak, but he stuck his neck and said, “Teacher, the student is pleased with this woman, but she said that she had offended the King of Hanzhou and could only be lonely all her life, otherwise she would certainly involve the people around her!”! I don’t know, what’s wrong with her to be alone all her life?! What on earth did she, a weak woman, do to be bullied like this?! Meng Wuyou cried and shook his head: “Jiang Jinyuan, don’t say any more!”! Please don’t say it again! Sang yuan remembered that in the original work, Han Shaoling answered like this-Jiang Jinyuan, this is a woman who crawled into my bed and was spoiled by me. Tut-tut. Han Shaoling slanted his head to look at her. Sang yuan saw a guilty conscience in the black eyes of the young king. Han Shaoling opened his mouth coldly and said, “Want to marry?”? Impossible. This female status is humble, is after the rebel slave, and is not a virgin, your family can not tolerate. If you really like it, you can take it back and hide it in the courtyard to spoil yourself. If I hear any more news, I will leave her in the abyss. Sang yuan yuan: “… …” Is there something wrong with this painting style? Jiang Jinyuan didn’t expect him to say that. When he was entangled with Mengwuyou, he clearly felt that she had an unspeakable secret, which was related to the secret of men and women. The young man was so angry that when he came to the door with her, he clearly had the idea of being angry with his rival in love. Being splashed by a few cold words from Han Shaoling, I felt a burst of coolness through my heart. Teacher, I.. “No need to say,” Han Shaoling eyes slightly cold, “since the identity has been revealed, then you are no longer my student. I will apologize to the emperor. Get ready. When the emissary arrives, you will return to Tiandu with them. “Teacher!” Jiang Jinyuan is in a hurry. His cultivation has been stuck in the Nine Heavens of spiritual seclusion for a long time, and no matter how much spiritual liquid he has poured, there is no sign of breaking the realm. My aunt asked him to go to Hanzhou to practice with Han Shaoling. In just two months, the wall was loosened. Seeing that he was about to step into Lingming and become a real strong man, if he was sent back at this critical juncture,whirlpool hot tub, he would surely fall short of success, and the realm would fall back to a few months ago! Jiang Jinyuan’s budding young heart was half scared to death. Han Shaoling smiled, “Take the woman you like with you and go.” Jiang Jinyuan: “..” “Han Shaoling!” 。

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