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I was diagnosed in 2003 with stage 1 mel on my back, I was 21 years old. Two years later, I was diagnosed with a 2nd primary on my left arm, stage 0, thin mel. Then just over a year later, in 2006, I was diagnosed with a 3rd primary, stage 3a, mole on my right leg, I was 25 years old. After a sentinel lymph node biopsy, we found I had micromets in the node. I had a complete lymph node biopsy in my right groin, and started high dose interferon in Feb. of 2007 – I completed 9 months on interferon, and was taken off b/c of side effects and depression.

In several months (March 2012), I will officially be 5 years cancer-free! I do have to say, interferon was not easy, but I don’t regret doing it, not even for a second. I do believe interferon helped stop mel from popping up on me so frequently!

I’m so thankful that after 3 primaries, numerous surgeries,9 months of treatment, and countless biopsies, I’m almost 5 years cancer-free!

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