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Geronimo Cardano

Geronimo Cardano worked in the field of algebra and was particularly concerned with solving cubic equations – homework help at domyhomeworkclub . The solution formula named after him (the Cardan formula), however, comes from the Venetian arithmetician Niccolo Tartaglia. Cardano also invented physical devices such as the cardan joint, the cardan shaft and the cardan suspension.


Geronimo Cardano was one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of mathematics – homework help geometry . Highly gifted, ambitious and astute, he achieved great things; on the other hand, he was superstitious and weak of character, leading a troubled life full of ups and downs. We know about this quite well, especially thanks to his autobiography, which he updated shortly before his death and in which he describes himself without embellishment (I strive for miracles and am treacherous).

Cardano was born in Pavia on 24 September 1501 as an illegitimate child. Through his father, a Milanese lawyer, he was enabled to study medicine and mathematics at the University of Pavia from 1520. After receiving his doctorate in medicine in 1526, he set up as a doctor in Milan, but was not accepted into the College of Physicians because of his (illegitimate) origins. Later he also practised in Pavia and Padua.

During these years he continued to work on mathematical problems and even gave lectures on them. From 1545 onwards, he published various mathematical works – calculus homework help , but in the meantime led an itinerant life that took him to Scotland, France and Germany, and was intensively involved in astrology, drawing up horoscopes for Christ, among others, which secured him the wrath of the Catholic Church. Later Cardano appeared as a lecturer and professor of medicine in Milan, Pavia and Bologna. He saw his son executed for murder, went to prison himself in Bologna in 1570 because of his debts, and then went to Rome, where he died on 21 September 1576. It was said that he starved himself to death because he had predicted his death for that year in a horoscope and did not want to punish himself by lying.

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