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Ren Xing knew that Wang Lingfei was thinking about the Hope Base, but he had already made a decision: “Since the grain has been improved, it is necessary to let more people enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.”. If it is popularized one day earlier, more people can be saved. This is not only what I mean, but also the pursuit of Academician Mei. Now I am just fulfilling my promise to him. When Ren Xing mentioned Academician Mei, Wang Lingfei did not raise any objection. Since both the leader and her most respected academician thought so, it must be right. And she is not a hard-hearted person, she is an ordinary person, but also hope that ordinary people can eat new food. What she has to do now is to think about how to sell the grain seeds at a high price and strive for greater benefits for the base. Ren Xing was ready to say a few more words when the phone on his desk rang. Ren Xing pressed the release and heard the excited report of the messenger on the other end of the phone: Chief, there is a strange guest outside the base who wants to see you. He has space! He took out a lot of grain! Just now he piled dozens of tons of grain outside, saying it was a gift for you! He said there was a lot more! Enough to feed us for years! He took back dozens of tons of grain! He said he would give it to you face to face. The leader. Do you want to see him? Wang Lingfei got goose bumps on the ground because of the messenger’s last words full of resentment, “Take it all back.” But like the messenger, she looked at her leader expectantly: “The local tyrant who gives dozens of tons of grain when he meets her, the leader goes to see her quickly!”! You’d better make friends with the local tyrants! But the leader’s security work is more important, Wang Lingfei feels that no matter whether the leader intends to see that person or not, he needs to strengthen the guard for his own leader. Without the expectation of the messenger and Secretary Wang, Ren Xing decisively chose to see the man and decided to pick him up at the gate of the base in person. Secretary Wang,artificial plant wall panels, whose curiosity was suspended, finally failed to follow Ren Xing to meet the’strange guest ‘. Who let her is an ordinary person, no self-protection ability, go out will only give their own leaders drag their feet. Before arriving at the gate of the base, Ren Xing saw a man standing in the hot sun from a distance, and he was very sure that the man was the strange man in the messenger’s mouth. How weird is that? While everyone wrapped themselves up without showing a finger,outdoor ficus tree, the man wore a sleeveless vest and knee-length shorts, showing his arms and legs, and stepped barefoot on the gravel in a leisurely manner. I don’t know why, but Ren Xing felt his heart pounding and his pace quickened involuntarily. For a moment, even my mind went blank. It was not until he met the other side’s blood-colored eyes that he suddenly came to his senses: “Zombie King!” 67. The Zombie King in Flower Pants (7) Guards do not know the identity of Yougan, Ren Xing as the leader of the base, but has long heard of the name of the Zombie King, there is even a portrait of the Zombie King. The zombie king in the portrait has two blood-sucking fangs and a pair of sharp claws. He wears a pair of knee-length shorts engraved with mysterious runes. His swollen muscles almost burst his pants. His eyes are fierce. He holds a skull in his left hand and shakes a bell in his hand. His ferocious and eerie appearance makes the people of the end of the world feel particularly safe. Of course, this is not a portrait of the Zombie King, but a painting by a famous artist who perfectly captures the “verve” of the Zombie King based on the oral account of the survivors of Hades. As soon as he was born, he was immediately sought after by everyone and became the first door God since the end of the world. He was pasted on the doors of every household in the south to suppress zombies. And the emperor of the underworld has long been placed in the homes of southern residents, praying that he can bless peace and deter evil spirits. Only those who have offered the throne of the Emperor of the Underworld at home dare to paste the portrait of the Zombie King on the door. The leaders of the southern base did not stop the people from praying for spiritual comfort. At least the Zombie King and the Emperor of the Underworld have really helped mankind at present, silk ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, which is much better than letting people believe in other messy’gods’. Thinking of the portrait of the Zombie King, which is now popular in the south, and comparing it with the Zombie King in front of him, who is tall and straight, has clean and round nails, pale but not ghostly, and only has a pair of red eyes that are slightly strange, Ren Xing would like to carry the painter and ask: Besides barefoot, red-eyed, black-haired, male gender, where else is it like! Draw a man casually and draw his eyes red, which is closer to the Zombie King himself than the portrait of the door God. Had it not been for the huge gap between the portrait and the real person, he would not have failed to recognize it at first. After all, dare to expose the skin in the sun, but also let the zombies quiet down and dare not move, in addition to the zombie king and the legendary emperor of the underworld, who else can there be? It’s me You Gan, who did not know that Ren Xing had so many thoughts flashed through his mind, did not conceal his identity at all, deliberately pretended not to recognize Ren Xing, but also assumed an arrogant posture, “Let your leader come out to see me, my time is very precious.” Yougan admitted the identity, Ren Xing is not surprised, is Yougan is a’fake zombie king ‘, Ren Xing will temporarily treat him seriously. I am Ren Xing, the leader of the Hope Base. With these words, Ren Xing pulled down his mask, took off his gloves and sunglasses, and clasped his fists and bowed to Yougan, saying, “I’m deeply honored that the Zombie King can come to the Hope Base. Please come inside.” Yougan looked at Ren Xing and the last world almost no change in appearance, especially gratified, such Ren Xing, he bullied up without any burden. I just don’t know why this Ren Xing speaks in a literary way, but he still keeps his arrogant face and takes the lead in stepping into the base. 888 gave him a popular science of today’s etiquette in his mind. The handshake ceremony before the end of the world is not popular now, because it is necessary to guard against a sneak attack from the other side, and also to guard against being infected with zombie virus. Take off the mask and gloves to show respect as well as strength. Only those who are confident enough in themselves dare to show their faces and hands in the sun. It was really the etiquette of keeping pace with the times. It took a lot of effort for Yougan to restrain himself from laughing out loud. And Ren Xing thought in his heart,faux ficus tree, how to discuss with the zombie king for a while, in order to let the zombie king stay in the north as long as possible. Ever since I heard about the existence of the Zombie King and the Emperor of the Underworld, Ren Xing has always wanted to see them. It’s better to sit down and have a chat. I didn’t expect the Zombie King would come to me.

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