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Others one stupefied, this tease he tease used to, because because of Yan Qingyuan in, dare not make a mistake, all endure a smile, see Yan Qingyuan but has gathered a smile, the original is two QinWei wring with a person came to the front. Yan Qingyuan narrowed his eyes and stared at the man in front of him: “Lu Zhubo is wronged.” Still at the bottom of Yan Jiuyun’s hand, Gui Wan suddenly trembled and was stunned by Yan Qingyuan’s silent words. He hesitated to look at the man who could not see his human form beyond recognition. Half a day later, he shouted “Uncle Lu” from the bottom of his heart. It was his father’s master, and it was Uncle Lu who had to accompany him to practice calligraphy. Gui Wan stared at him in a daze. People were all wooden. Half a day passed. Fang suddenly let out half a cry, and then bit his lower lip. Yan Qingyuan heard clearly, Yu Guang slightly swept, looked up to Lu Jing: “Tu Qiong saw that Lu Zhubo was going to learn from the assassin of the Pre-Qin Dynasty.” He laughed contemptuously. “You dare to take a knife even if you are a scholar who can’t carry four taels. It’s strange. However, the map of Shouchun is just a roll of waste paper. Lu Zhubo died in vain.” “Do you deserve to mention the pre-Qin assassin?!” Lu Jing suddenly mercilessly spat at Yan Qingyuan, “Xianbei dog Ann knows what is righteousness?”? Kill if you want! I, Lu Jing, will never surrender! Yan Qingyuan unexpectedly did not get angry, one hand blocked the pro who came forward for its clean face, looked at Lu Jing with a smile: You really think highly of yourself. What do I want a brainless fool like you to do? Lu Shiheng’s idea? Said frowning smile, “you should carry other people’s head, and then hold the Shouchun city defense map,cosmetic plastic tube, perhaps there are two or three points of success.” One word says, did not seem to have patience: “Somebody, pick him up to me clean, hang upside down! Hang up!” “A good general is not afraid to die in order to avoid death, and a martyr does not destroy the festival in order to survive!” Lu Jing suddenly struggled a few times, turned around, facing the direction of Jiankang, the capital of Liang,eye cream packing tube, and shouted, “I’m in the south!”! As soon as Lu Jing died, he reported to the king! Yan Qingyuan sneer, than a gesture, escort pro who immediately a palm split down, Lu Jing immediately fell down, lieutenant Wei Ping look at this half a day, two steps forward, close to ask: “What’s the use of keeping him?”? How dare he come to assassinate the general? Why not kill him with a knife? “He wants to go down in history, but I won’t give him a name.” Yan Qingyuan’s face sank, and he turned to order: “Strip off and freeze for a few nights. Watch out for me. You can’t let him die before attacking the city!” “Yan Jiuyun, come here.” Yan Qingyuan shouted. Yan Jiuyun trotted a few steps, blinked, and looked at him with some surprise: “Has the general been assassinated?”? Have you ever been injured? Yan Qingyuan ignored him and glanced at him at random. “You’re not interested in women, but you make a pair. What’s the matter?” Embarrassed, custom cosmetic packing ,plastic laminated tube, Yan Jiuyun touched the back spoon and laughed twice: “When my subordinates changed their defenses, I heard a faint sound of a horse, so I took someone out to check.” He pointed to yuanhua. “She’s going to fall into the valley. My subordinates are worried about not being careful. They haven’t asked clearly yet..” Then he looked at Yan Qingyuan to show that he was summoned by you and there was no follow-up. What did you ask? Yan Qingyuan’s eyebrows moved. Yan Jiuyun is stupefied, answer quickly: “They are the maidservant of the surname Li family in Shouchun city, rush to consign a few books to master.” Yan Qingyuan listened quietly and suddenly smiled: “Really?” Then he asked, “Do you like it?” Yan Jiuyun’s face was hot again. He straightened up and said, “General Hui!”! No! I didn’t like it! The subordinates look at them both very dirty! “Too dirty.” Yan Qingyuan lengthened his tone slightly, frowned and glanced at him. “It’s easy to get water around here. I’ll wash it and send it to you.”. ” “Huh?!” As soon as Yan Jiuyun’s expression changed, he didn’t know how to prevaricate for a while. It took him half a day to cry and say, “My subordinates are still young..” “Seventeen years old, do you have the face to say you’re small?” Yan Qingyuan raised his eyebrows, “Yan Jiuyun, do you like men?” “Little uncle, you.” Yan Jiuyun’s face could not hold back any longer, and his tears were about to fall down. “I don’t like anyone!” As he spoke, he suddenly remembered that Yan Qingyuan had robbed several of Liang Guoliang’s daughters along the way to the south, but at dawn he gave them to his generals. Later, no one was seen in the army, and he didn’t know where to end up. So he quickly pulled the two of them over. “My subordinates remember that the general loves Liang’s girls most, and my subordinates dare not take away their love!” Said to pull out a pair of want to seize the way and escape formation, Yan Qingyuan eyelids a lift, very cold sharp eyes wind swept over, Yan Jiuyun immediately silent no longer dare to talk nonsense. Pick out a few volumes of those books for me, “Yan Qingyuan went straight to the tent without returning, and as he walked, he dropped another sentence:” “Bring them both in.” Chapter 3 Water Dragon Singing (3). Yan Jiuyun hurriedly threw a look at the bodyguard, while untying Gui Wan, while scaring her: “Don’t try to run away again, an arrow will shoot you through the heart!” yuan Hua loosened again and shrugged his eyebrows. “I saved you!” Seeing her staring at herself viciously, she suddenly felt angry, “You dare to stare at me again.” Fuck Words did not finish, can not help but scold a sentence, hands a twist, immediately pressed yuanhua kneeling on the ground. The back of his hand was burning, and a few scratches were faintly visible in the moonlight. Yan Jiuyun touched it. It was wet and greasy. Only then did he realize that all the blood beads had seeped out. He was about to raise his palm to show his power and prestige. yuan Huafen was not afraid. He raised his little face and looked at him with a sneer: “What kind of man is beating a woman?”! Bah! Even if she is angry, also with deportment, expression has not changed greatly, but is worthy, Yan Jiuyun was stunned, the bottom of my heart felt strange, for a moment and a half, the power and prestige is not much to mention, the bottom of the hand gradually relaxed, swept a few times on her face, snorted, this just straightened up, see Gui Wan silently will yuan Hua lift up, turn over to say with a smile: “You are really a mute.” “General Xiao Yan,polyfoil tube, the general asked what you were dawdling about?!” In front of the tent, Yan Jiuyuan’s pro-guard ran to him with a sword and shouted at him. Yan Jiuyun just felt that he had lost face. He immediately took advantage of the opportunity and looked at the two men: “If you don’t want to die, be honest!” 。

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