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At March 2011, 58 year old married man (60 on May 4, 2013) with wife of 28 (now 30) years, and 3 children, 28, 26, and 22. I live in El Dorado Hills, California just east of Sacramento. Still coming to terms of this diagnosis. I struggle everyday and just pray now for courage, strength and hope to beat this disease.
3/6/2012: I have much more hope today for tumor regression with all of the awesome research being done in terms of immunological agents to rev up our own immune system to beat back this disease. We will find a cure!
4/26/2013: Having such wonderful success thus far after a year on the Merck 3475 trial, I am now a firm believer in miracles. Everyday I hear of another warrior beating the beast and new research and results pointing to a cure. 2 years ago I was dieing of melanoma, today, I am LIVING with melanoma. There is so much to be hopeful about.

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