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My husband of 32 years, M was first dx with Melanoma in August 2020. They removed his stage 2c, 7mm tumor. No treatment needed they said. August 2021 enlarged lymph nodes in groin were found. He had inguinal lymph node dissection in September. Unfortunately, due to multi infection did not start Keytruda until December. After 1 treatment 2 new nodes were found. After 3rd treatment 3 new growths in groin area were found and multiple new lung mets were also seen on PET scan. Changed treatment to targeted therapy, braf positive. Braftovi and Mektovi in late February 2022. He had several stops and starts due to elevated kidney function levels. October 2022, Brain MRI showed 2 lesions, November SRS radiation treatment and switched to Tafinlar and Mekinist. December 6th, Brain MRI showed first 2 lesions have grown and now there are 7 more small lesions. December 16th had 1st combo immunotherapy Opdivo and Yervoy. 2nd treatment is January 6th 2023.



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