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I’m a 46 yo guy. Diagnosed in summer 2021 of def stage 3 and probable stage melanoma cancer. Had 4 immunotherapy treatments, my liver levels started to rise but brought under controlĀ  and normalised by 2 courses of steroids.

After 2 immunitherapy treatments the lymph nodes and cancer all under my left armpit visibly went away. 1st scan revealed a nearly 60% reduction of the cancer. Some months on now awaiting results of my second scan. Will then determine if I require further treatment.

Have been totally pain free since November 2022 so off the strong painkillers. Have developed white eyelashes and some further whitening of my hair (but that may just be age lol).

The biggest battle of all throughout this has been mentally. I feel. I’ve got a handle on living with cancer as well as anyone can… At least for now but believe me when I say I’ve had my moments of tears and despair on the journey so far.


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