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Planet Zoo Free Download

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Planet Zoo throws players into an immersive premium simulation game, putting them in charge of managing a zoo. Success in this venture comes from meticulous habitat construction, responsible animal feeding, hiring competent staff, and adept customer management. The game boasts a delightful array of extraordinary animals, from majestic elephants to adorable pandas, each with unique appearances and distinct personalities.


Planet Zoo provides extensive customization options, allowing players to construct and decorate various elements, including mountains, lakes, hills, rivers, and more. The game offers a customizable experience where nearly anything can be added and designed to fit your creative vision.


Creating your virtual zoo

Similar to what RollerCoaster Tycoon did for theme parks, Planet Zoo Free Download offers players a broad scope to construct and customize their zoo. The game features a variety of animal species, such as lions, elephants, chimpanzees, zebras, and more, each with AI designed to be naturalistic. Players must ensure that the habitats cater to the specific needs of animals, whether it’s swamp-dwelling alligators or wolves in snowy environments.


Running a complete business

Beyond focusing on animals and their habitats, players must attend to the business side of the zoo. Visitors come to see the animals, so creating an inviting atmosphere is crucial. Hiring security guards to deter vandals is a wise move, and Planet Zoo combines elements of business simulation with virtual pet gameplay. However, playing the game may require a significant time investment.


Arid Animals DLC unveiled

Released on June 20, the highly anticipated Arid Animals DLC for Planet Zoo brings a wealth of exciting content. The expansion introduces eight new animal species uniquely adapted to survive in the world’s most arid and challenging climates. Encounter the African crested porcupine, black rhino, dromedary camel, striped-legged Somali wild ass, sand cat, addax, gazelle, and a desert horned viper. The DLC also includes a new campaign, and a free update ensures that all players can enjoy the enhancements and additions of the Arid Animals DLC.


Exciting new features this season include the ability to customize the color combinations of staff uniforms, unlocking a wide range of possibilities for personalization. A new Scenic Camera mode allows players to capture stunning vista shots while exploring their zoos. Additionally, a Cinematic Route Editor tool has been added, enabling players to enter digital animation mode and add precise keyframes to any area of their park.

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Planet Zoo Free Download