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I was 47 when diagnosed in 2012, have never been tan in my life, never had a blistering burn. I’m sure I must have had a sunburn as a child that scared me enough that I knew I had to protect myself because of my skin type.
At age 36, I developed a pregnancy-specific autoimmune disease called Gestational Pemphigoid. I’ve never had a remission and have acquired other autoimmune issues along the way. I thought, up until the melanoma diagnosis, that my battle with that was enough (hardest thing is my swallowing stops without warning).
I am still in shock about my melanoma. I don’t know if I am going to be a good member/participant here because reading others’ profiles and posts makes me sad – I don’t want any of us to have to be here.
I have a lot of personal experience with autoimmune disease, and side effects from corticosteroids and immunosuppressants – especially prednisone and decadron, so I might be helpful to those who are having to take them for the first time.

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