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A Beginner’s Guide Towards Comparison and Contrast Essay

A comparison and contrast essay majorly consists of the comparison points between two subjects. Compare and contrast essays present the aspects in which the subjects are different and similar.

A comparison essay is required to have good analytical skills and strong knowledge of the subjects to analyze the relationship of subjects effectively and to present a fruitful comparison. Get help from essay writer for your essay.

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Contrast essays help students to sharpen their analysis skills. By practicing comparison essays, you will learn how to handle two topics on one paper simultaneously. Comparison essays also help the writer to address every aspect of the topic effectively.

Comparison essays also help the reader view the subject from a broader perspective to build a meaningful relationship. 

Like all other essays, the basic structure of a comparison essay also consists of three sections, i.e., Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. You can further break down this structure to organize your essay in a better way.

Now let’s discuss the steps of writing a Comparison and Contrast Essay:

Brainstorm your topic:

Brainstorming is the first step towards effective analysis, and comparison is all about analysis. Therefore, the more strong your analysis will be, the more convincing your essay will become. 

One of the most effective and convenient ways to brainstorm your comparison essay topic is the use of Venn diagrams. Venn diagrams consist of multiple circles overlapping with each other. 

For your comparison essay, you can shrink your diagrams to two circles, one for each subject with an overlapping area to accommodate the similarities of the two subjects.

This visual demonstration of your brainstorming will help you refine your ideas and write a comprehensive comparison of two subjects. 

Brainstorming will also help you discover and explore all the potential aspects of your subjects which you can research to make your comparison more meaningful.

To effectively understand the topic of your essay, you can also consult some good essay writing service to provide you with the necessary guidelines on writing an essay on the given topic.

Build a thesis statement:

The thesis statement builds the foundation of any essay. Therefore, try to develop a strong thesis statement that proves to be a roadmap of the essay and tell the reader where they are about to go after this statement.

A thesis statement should be clear enough to give a concise but comprehensive overview of the whole essay.

Create an Outline:

When you are done with brainstorming and researching and equipped with enough information to start writing an essay, your next step should be the organization of your essay.

One of the best techniques to organize your essay is to create an outline. Then, divide your information into sections, sub-sections, and bullets. 

After mapping all the ideas on the outline, you are set to start your essay with the mapped sequence. This outline will help you to keep your essay coherent and to distribute the information you have uniformly.

A good outline will save you from any frustration while writing your essay and will never let you reach the point where you will start asking yourself who will write my essay.

Start with an Appealing Introduction:

Start writing your introduction with a hook statement that can grab the user’s attention and make them read the whole essay. The introduction of your essay should also contain a brief overview of the topics you are intended to discuss in the body of the essay.

Divide the body of the essay into Paragraphs:

Divide your essay body into multiple paragraphs comparing subjects with different perspectives. The first paragraph of your essay should start with the topic sentence following the brief description of both subjects ending with one or two similarities and differences between the subjects.

Now in the next paragraphs, just compare and contrast the subjects with already defined perspectives.

Conclude your Essay:

After writing a comprehensive comparison in the body, conclude your essay with an insightful paragraph that proves to be the most supporting paragraph for your thesis statement. 

Avoid introducing any new idea in your conclusion and make it the best summary of your essay.


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