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I am 53 year old female, married with two grown children. I was diagnosed years ago with Systemic Mastocytosis. (Mast cell disease) I have been treated by Dr. Keith Logie until he retired, and now Dr. Bhatia has taken over my Masto care, along with my Stage 3c Mestatic Melanoma. Overall, I have been relatively active/healthy. I had a mole removed that was diagnosed as Melanoma stage 3b. Then I had my first recurrence after receiving 12 months of Keytruda. Had 15 lymph nodes removed from my groin area of same leg, and tried an infusion of Opdivo & Yervoy. I had a reaction to the immunotherapy drugs and was hospitalized with colitis from the drugs. It has been a rough 2 years, but I’m feeling great, back to work, exercising again, and eating healthy. I am hopeful for new treatments if I have another recurrence. Living life to the fullest one day at a time.

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