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Dressed as the president’s ex-girlfriend.*** the reporters are happy silly this is going to explode big news ah! “Does President Du know about this” Chu Chaoyang raised a sneer at the corners of his lips and looked at the reporter “Of course when the agent surnamed Liu gave me a stack of scripts for Category III films President Du was at the scene!” Chapter 99 Chapter 99 When she said this Du Jingkun and his little friend just came out of the court and stood on the big steps of the court and looked at her in the distance Her clear eyes were full of indifference There is no moment more clear than this moment for Du Jingkun Chu Yixuan is really not like him Her eyes in addition to indifference disgust and hatred only the slightest bit of affection Originally she did not hate him at most just a stranger after all the enmity between him and Chu Yixuan is between them and Chu Chaoyang has nothing to do Even though Chu Chaoyang watched Chu Yixuan’s memory like a dream it was just like watching a movie She was just a bystander and she didn’t have a deep feeling Even for Xiao Chengguang she did not have such deep feelings at the beginning but only got along and accumulated bit by bit in life and slowly he became the whole of her life Originally they could have been strangers who had nothing to do with each other but he should not have come to compete with her for Xiao Chengguang The only family she’s had for two generations Yes the only one Even Chu’s father and mother because she was always worried about the exposure of her identity were somewhat guilty short of breath and a little polite in front Home Appliances of them Only for Xiao Chengguang she gave everything without reservation Chu Chaoyang’s eyes were like a basin of ice water which made Du Jingkun shiver and a sense of emptiness and loss that he had never had before clenched his heart in an instant making his hands and feet cold and his mind blank He opened his mouth and wanted to say something By this time the reporters had already found him and immediately surrounded him The microphone poked him directly in the face “President Du is what Chu Yixuan said just now true” “Did you really let Chu Yixuan make a Category III film” “What does your girlfriend think when she shoots a Category III movie” “You forced yourself to wear a cuckold on your head before and let your girlfriend shoot a Category III film Do you have a cuckold plot” “Are the artists of Star Media engaged in this kind of unspeakable work” The reporters’ questions became more and more explicit unchaste and full of malice Guan Shao and Yang Xiaopang hurriedly pulled Du Jingkun who was staring at Chu Chaoyang away How could the reporters let them go They kept chasing after them They quickly called several other small partners to support them and led the reporters away They are also speechless to Du Jingkun After they took him to drive and dumped the paparazzi they entered Guan Shao’s villa outside and neither of them knew what to say China Manufacturers Guan Shao took out a few bottles of beer from the refrigerator and handed Du Jingkun a can “Du Er what Chu Yixuan said just now is not true is it” Du Jingkun took the cold beer and sat on the sofa with his arms on his knees his hands on his hair and his head hanging down “It’s true” “I *** Du Er are you crazy” Guan Shao almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of wine Both of them looked at him in surprise Holding his head in his hands Du Jingkun picked up the cold beer and poured it into his stomach He asked Guan Shao “Anything else” Guan Shao looked at him like this and reminded him “If you don’t go back to the company to deal with the company’s affairs and then tell your old man I guess the media will explode tomorrow” The media really blew up! Surprise the big scum man of the century! Let the girlfriend who has a son for herself go to make a Category III movie! President Du with a cuckold! Count the super scum men at all times and in all over the world! The news of such an explosion suppressed the news that Chu Yixuan admitted that she was nameless Everyone was shocked Unexpectedly there is such a scum man Originally all the people who were scolding Chu Yixuan could not help feeling sorry for her at this time Even if there were people who scolded her for being kept and having children out of wedlock Chu Yixuan released her medical report of that year which clearly stated that she was not suitable for abortion because of severe anemia at that time and could no longer black her The media is like this when you are red everyone holds you when you are black everyone attacks you will use the most vicious words the greatest malice to attack This Computer Hardware & Software was the case before for the ancient descendants for Chu Yixuan for the nameless and now for Du Jingkun it is no exception Overnight Du Jingkun changed from a romantic playboy President Du that everyone envied to a heinous man of the century a pervert with a cuckold plot a playboy who only knew how to pick up girls and play with women all day and a social scum who gave birth to a child but did not want it It was a waste of air to live And on the Internet the competitors of Star Media have also come out to fish in troubled waters and all kinds of revelations have come out They describe Star Media as a ~ ~ prostitution ~ ~ nest All the female artists of Star Media are the harem of President Du After President Du enjoys it he will clearly mark the price and sell it to this general manager and that general manager He also said that the broker surnamed Liu was the biggest procuress and chicken head in the circle who specially introduced his female artists to those people Lu Yiran Mi Jiao Xiong yuanyuan and other female artists of Star Media none of them escaped this wave of attacks They are not the only ones who will attack others in private Their competitors will also attack them When they are unlucky everyone will come and step on it All of a sudden the female artists of Star Media all felt insecure They all suspended their work and hid at home Because as long as they appeared they would be surrounded by all kinds of reporters Some malicious reporters would ask them directly “Is Star Media a chicken coop” If Star TV is a chicken coop what are they This kind of malicious and insulting words almost made these female artists angry to death Reporters look at them with excitement and excitement They are not looking at a victim but how hot the victim can bring to them

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