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The original help ZiQian for GongSunTing liver after a hundred places over the soul Dan, stopped for a while, still no one woke up n open its mouth to see, pills dissolved in the mouth did not go down, she then bent over with a breath of True Qi to help her send the medicine, and stopped for a while, or no one woke up, not by the Cang panic, this just hurried after to call GongSunYe, want to call him to capture the young man alive, To interrogate Gongsun Ting about her injuries. No, it’s too late. Shui Xiaohua has fallen into a deep valley. As soon as Xiao Ziqian saw Gongsun Ye standing to one side, her eyes were wide open, as if she had fallen asleep. She looked really frightened. She couldn’t help saying in a hurry, “What’s the matter with you, old-timer?” Gongsun Ye broke Xiao Ziqian such a shout. Suddenly woke up, also did not pay attention to its question, then jumped up and went to the place where the girl was lying in the same clothes. After GongSunYe fell to the ground, put the dragon stick to the ground, hurriedly under the body, both hands in GongSunTing body everywhere to point massage again, found that there is no system of the phenomenon. At this time, the girl in green Zhou’s side, the skin is red and swollen,Ozone generator ceramic plate, like a ball of cotton on the ground, Gongsun Ye saw his granddaughter trapped in this desperate situation, is really distressed, the old tears flow down. Seeing that the white-haired old man was so sad, Xiao Ziqian could not help crying and whispered, “Don’t be too sad, old-timer. Think about it. Is there any other way to save him?” Gongsun Ye gazed at the girl lying on the ground and said blankly, “I’ve lived so long that I can’t see what kind of injury she’s suffering from. Even if I find someone to find out her injury,10g Ozone Generator, it seems too late.” At this point, after a slight pause, he stroked Gongsun Ting’s face in a sad tone and said, “My child, you always don’t listen to Grandpa. Now you have fallen into such a situation. How can Grandpa tell me to live any longer? You go first, my child. After you die, Grandpa will go to settle accounts with Jiao Yimin and avenge you.” Lu Ziqian was stunned when she heard this. Thought to himself, “This old man is really strange. Why are you looking for Elder Jiao again?”? So he said hurriedly, “What does Sister Ting’s injury have to do with Elder Jiao?” Gongsun Ye looked back at her and said coldly, “Shouldn’t he be responsible for teaching such a young apprentice?” As soon as Fu Ziqian heard this, she had a feeling in her heart. “Why,” she said, “is that young man Shui Xiaohua, the disciple of Elder Jiao?” Gongsun Ye nodded and said angrily, “When I saw this boy in the cave of Crab Mountain, I thought he was very promising.”! Unexpectedly, this boy was so narrow-minded that he used such despicable means against Ting. As soon as Xiao Ziqian heard that the young man was Shui Xiaohua, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic welding tape, whom she had been ordered by her teacher to look for, she suddenly had a lot of doubts in her heart. She thought to herself: Listen to the words of Elder Jiao. His disciple is born to enjoy pure nature. That is to say, he should not have done such a dirty thing by giving up the secret of the martial arts world and protecting his master with a golden melon. Concealed, she thought, how could she not believe that this was what she had seen with her own eyes? Lu Ziqian thought of this and suddenly had a brainwave. She hurriedly said, “Elder, since that young man is Elder Jiao’s disciple, I think he must have a way to save him. He is now healing with the younger master. Let’s go back and look for him.” Gongsun Ye shook his head and said, “It’s too late. I don’t know what the injury is, but I can see that she won’t last a few hours.”. Protect her to lie here quietly and go to find her poor mother. Anyway, Jiao Laoer can’t run away. Jing Ziqian saw that the white-haired old man’s tone was extremely sad and his face was full of tears. For a moment, she did not know what to say. The two jade hands hung down slowly, and the left hand occasionally touched the slanting block. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind. He quickly reached out and took out the bag in his hand. He opened it and took out the pill he had picked up. He handed it to Gongsun Ye and said, “Elder, what kind of poison is this?” Gongsun Ye took it over and looked at it. “This is Jiao Yimin’s Da Huan Dan,” he said. “Where did you get it?” Xiao Ziqian said with a suspicious look, “The younger generation picked it up beside Sister Ting in the cave. I heard that Da Huandan was made by Elder Jiao after more than ten years of hard work. How can he throw it away?” When Gongsun Ye heard this, he was puzzled and puzzled. He pondered for a long time, but he couldn’t figure out the reason. In fact, because of his excessive grief, his wisdom was destroyed. Otherwise, with the experience of the palace, how can he not think of this truth. At this point, Xiao Ziqian suddenly “ah!” With a blow and a sound on both feet, he shouted like a mad man, “Oh, no!”! Old-timers.. Gongsun Ye was suddenly shouted by her. When she turned around, she looked pale and anxious. “What’s the matter with you, girl?” She shouted. As soon as Xiao Ziqian was called by Gongsun Ye, she seemed to have calmed down a lot. She said in a gentle way, “Did he ask me to rush to see him when he was feeding medicine for Sister Ting? He mistook him for..” It turned out that as soon as Xiao Ziqian heard that the young man was Shui Xiaohua, she was a little suspicious of what she had seen with her own eyes. When she heard that the pill was the great elixir that Jiao Yimin had never forgotten, she was even more suspicious of what she had seen. When she thought of the posture in which she had just given the medicine to Gongsun Ting, her heart suddenly moved and she thought to herself: Is he also giving the medicine to her? This read a lifetime, can not help but cry out. As soon as Gongsun Ye heard this, he couldn’t help blushing. “Yes,” he thought to himself, “if that boy wanted to kill Ting, why would he take out his master’s life-treasured Da Huan Dan? Could it be that Tinger was injured in the hands of others, and he was rescuing her? The more Gongsun Ye thought about it, the more confused he became. As soon as he turned his face, his eyes fell on Gongsun Ting’s red face again. When he looked at it, he suddenly lost all his thoughts and grief welled up in his heart. He said to himself, “Forget it. What’s the use of thinking so much? Anyway, Ting is dying. Once this child dies, what else in the world is worth my old man’s concern? What I do right or wrong is useless.” When Huang Ziqian saw Gongsun Ye muttering to herself, she couldn’t hear what he was saying. However, looking at his face, she knew that this famous old knight-errant in Jianghu had reached the point where he was in great pain. She couldn’t help sympathizing with him. She leaned her body close to Gongsun Ye’s arm and said, “Elder!..” She wanted to say something comforting to him not to be sad, but when the words came to her mouth,steatite c221, she felt inappropriate, so she swallowed the following words. Gongsun Ye turned his head to look at her, and saw that her face was covered with tears and her sincere feelings were revealed. He could not help but be touched by the scene. He was so sad that he swallowed:.

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