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My husband was concerned about a red spot on his scalp for a year or so. When a mole appeared, he had it checked and was told not to worry about it. A lymph node behind his ear started to grow and he said it always gets large when he is sick – and we have two young children in separate daycares so germs are everywhere. Finally went to a dermatologist in September and she immediately diagnosed it as malignant melanoma and was really concerned about the node. Biopsy showed a depth of 1.8mm and clark level IV. Within 2 weeks lymph nodes were removed down to his clavicle, 7 were positive with mm. He healed from surgery and while trying to investigate a clinical trial, he felt another tumor was found – this time 2 masses were found. High intensity radiation and interferon were standard treatments but did not work as there were mets in transit found soon after – all still above the neck. We’re looking into clinical trials.
My husband’s 2-year battle has ended.

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