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Retired bank officer, mother of one son, diabetic, thyroid problem, joint pain, kidney stone history, survivor of domestic abuse, extreme stress, now lives alone. Father died at 92 dementia, failure to thrive, old age and mother died 4 days later at 82 from heart valve surgery as did her sister 2 years later also 82 from same heart valve surgery. Father was diagnosed years earlier pre-diabetic but lost a lot of weight (quit drinking and became anorexic). Mother and Aunt and both grandmas very obese and probably diabetic. Maternal half-sister, 57, is now pre-diabetic and taking Metformin. Enjoy quilting, sewing, crafts, art, and hobbies. Working on stress management and avoiding mean people, and keeping brain healthy. Love opera, art, cooking…well, now I try to eat healthy. Exercise is mostly walking and using stairs.

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