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Thesis Acknowledgement

What is the proper way to recognize the contributions of people to a research paper? If you are thinking of saying your thanks to the people and institutions that have helped you in your thesis, then you can simply write a thesis acknowledgement page. Is this something new to your ears? Well an acknowledgement page is a part of your thesis paper where you will recognize other people’s help essay editing in establishing your research results. This is not a requirement in writing a thesis paper. However, if you want to show your gratitude for the assistance of others, then you can include this page in your project. Let us discuss how to write this page.

What is the format of the thesis acknowledgement page? There is no actual format in writing this part of the thesis paper. It is because you can consider it as a mere personal part of your project. Therefore, you are free to use any layout and design that you wish. In most cases, the format that many students use is the list style. You will list down the names and the institutions that you want to include in the paper. On the other hand, you can also write a small essay that will discuss the contributions of people to your work. You can then insert their names in the same essay.

What contents should the acknowledgment page have? As what we have mentioned before, this page is a personal page. You can put anything on it as long as you realize the contributions of the people in your research. You can put people’s names, your professor, your friends, your librarian and anyone whom you trusted in the course of your thesis paper writing. You can also put sources of info like websites and research facilities. You may also write the name of paper editing services who have helped you get a fund for the research.

Where should we put the thesis acknowledgement page? It is possible to have this page at either the initial or the last parts of the thesis paper. It means you can have it before the Abstract chapter as the starting point or after the bibliography page as the ending page. You have to choose the section where you will put this. It matters because you have to present the main contents of your research first before having the acknowledgement page highlight.

A thesis acknowledgment page is an important section where you can become humble and appreciative of other people’s contributions to your success. Not only that, your paper will look more professional but it can also serve as a thank you portion in your research project. If you wish to see an actual thesis acknowledgement page, simply download a free copy from our essay proofreading database.

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