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Update: Dad’s ocular melanoma diagnosis + lesion shrank on its own?

Forums Ocular Melanoma Community Update: Dad’s ocular melanoma diagnosis + lesion shrank on its own?

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      Hello again. I made a post back in June. I have a small update.

      This past Thursday I made the drive up to St. Louis to Washington University with my dad for his appointment. For the past several months we’ve driven up there for them to do the same tests over and over. Finally they gave the diagnosis that it is likely my dad has ocular melanoma (his doctor in St. Louis specializes in Ocular Melanoma & Uveitis).

      My dad 6 months ago went to his regular ophthalmologist where he saw an eye freckle and was concerned that my dad had cancer and needed immediate eye removal. Now the specialist in St. Louis agrees. However, my dad’s eyesight has slightly improved in his left eye and the lesion has flattened. Although comparing photos from June to now, a third of his eye is now darkly pigmented w/ orange pigment. This is what the major concern is. The doctor also said something else about his subretinal fluid, but I cannot remember.

      He said it’s unusual for cancer to shrink on its own, but this is a good sign. Although he’s perplexed by the freckle/lesion shrinking down to being flat. That being said, my dad will be going back December 29th for them to check on his eye to see if anything changes and from there I will assume the will figure out when to do the surgery/treatment. Unfortunately for this appointment I will have moved to California to live with my fiance, so I won’t be there to hear the information/take notes. Being panicked is an understatement.

      Anyway, my question is has anyone heard of melanoma lesions shrinking? I’d like to hear about people’s experiences and their diagnoses process? Or even their symptoms. I’m just so confused.

      Thank you so much.

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          Hi Keisha,

          Glad that it seems that in some ways your father’s status has improved. There is such a thing as regression in melanoma but it is EXTREMELY rare. Have they ever done any sort of biopsies for your dad? Has there been any follow-up regarding the lung lesion I seem to remember? If there is suspicion of melanoma, even in the eye – the rest of the body should be examined (Brain by MRI – the rest of the body by CT or PET/CT) and if anything is found in those places follow-up should continue.

          Yours, c

              Thank you so much for your reply! They have yet to do any biopsies. Two appointments ago (June) they mentioned wanting to do a biopsy. Last week they did ultrasounds and used various machines to take photos of his eye. When they were doing the ultrasound, they were having a really difficult time to find the lesion since it flattened out so much. I’m not sure if that’s why they didn’t do anything. They didn’t mention what they wanted to do next time, although I’m going to assume it’s more of the same.

              They didn’t really give my dad much instruction on what to do back home. Although when he was first talked to about these suspicions, he did have CT scans and all of that. Everything came back okay, but that was back in April.

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