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      I may be moving to Arizona (I know, great place for someone with this history) and I'm wondering what your experience has been with using certain suncsreens, makeup, sunglasses and sun gear that has protected you against Melanonma and other skin cancers. I also have a fair skinned 20 month old who I need to protect.

      Please recommend the BEST products that have worked for you. Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much!

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          Well, if I could tell you something that worked for me I wouldn't be on this forum. Here is a link that can give you better advice than I can.

          Good luck and please do protect that 20 month-old.


            Sunscreen and tight weave clothing. Keep in mind that windows do not have UV protection… so if the sun is shining in… don't bask in the warmth unprotected (same holds true for automobiles). My favorite sunscreen is Zealios. It's not cheap, but absorbs in reallllllly nicely, so you aren't left feeling a sticky mess. I'm on the central coast of California, and outside alllllll the time. Still frozen turkey white. Ooooh… and a good pair of sunglasses is worth the price. It's all about lens quality, not necessarily the frame. Toddler sunglasses may be a little harder to find, but there are some out there with UV lenses… IF the kiddo will keep them on. At 20 months, they usually like to be "cool like mom"… so you may get lucky there. LOL!


              I bought some tops online from Coolibar, a company that specializes in sun-protective clothing.

              Wicked Witch

                Caban life makes good stuff too:

                And you can't beat the versatile protection of a big floppy hat. 

                  I usually wear a hoodie anyways, so with one hoodie and the jacket, I’m comfortable to about 30 degrees. If I later two sweatshirts, I can stand a smidge colder. But that’s perfect because that’s why I bought it. I’ve got my big thick coat for when it’s really cold.

                  These jackets are great for keeping you warm in a soft and comfortable way. I do not overheat under this jacket.

                  I purchased a slightly larger fit because I do like to add fleece jackets underneath or heavy sweaters when temps are far below freezing.
                  Color is as expected. Comes with a bag that you can squeeze the jacket into for compact storing or to use as a head rest. Absolutely worth it for the price.

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