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opdivo and yervoy side effects

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      just wondering of other peoples experience of side effects with this combo. I got quite ill after the 2nd infusion with diarrhea, vomiting, hypotension, nausea, weakness and lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. I received fluids twice but luckily avoided hospitalization. I had to postpone the 3rd infusion for 2 weeks but am experiencing similar but so far not as severe of side effects which seem to again pick up on the 2nd week. I have 1 more infusion. Though I wasn’t expecting a walk in the park, anybody have anything that worked for them to help manage side effects or similar experiences. thank u
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          After my first infusion of opdivo and yervoy in 2016, I had very bad diarrhea and lost 11 lbs. 9 weeks later I had regained most of the lost weight and received my 2nd dose of opdivo and yervoy. My doctor reduced the dose of yervoy by 50%. I had much less side effects with my 2nd and 3rd opdivo and yervoy infusions.
            Started my first infusion on Oct 31st After having a satellite recurrence five years to the month of my first diagnosis. I was so nervous that I would be really sick but I am grateful that my body is holding up. The things that have been bothering me is itchy skin and sore stomach. I did get a bit constipated the first two weeks but I started taking a daily stool softener so that helped. I tend to get lightheaded/dizzy several times throughout the day but nothing I can’t handle. I got my first headache Pretty bad two days ago but I was thinking maybe it was from caffeine withdrawal ? overall the two treatments I have gotten have not been too bad. My husband still calls me the energizer battery because he feels I have not lost any energy yet I do feel tired every day. I go for surgery to remove two tumors from my foot and ankle on the 14th. Depending on pathology, I may have to do the two other Treatments. If things go well, I will just move to Opdivo. I hope things have gotten better for you with treatment!
                I’m not a doctor, but it’s not uncommon for people to experience side effects from immunotherapy treatments like Opdivo (nivolumab) and Yervoy (ipilimumab). It’s positive that your doctor adjusted the dosage of Yervoy after you experienced severe diarrhea, as this suggests a personalized approach to managing side effects.

                Weight loss and gastrointestinal issues, including diarrhea, are known side effects of these medications. It’s encouraging that your side effects lessened with subsequent infusions, and your regained weight is a positive sign. Every individual responds differently to these treatments, and adjustments in dosage can sometimes help balance the benefits and side effects.

                After my first two treatments I was hospitalized for two weeks with raging fevers, took a break for brain surgery and radiation, and was treated with steroids. I returned to immunotherapy and used low dose steroids to complete my two years. I had other side effects that came and went but got through it. The steroids helped. Good luck. NED now.
                  4x yervoy .after 4th treatment i got severe headache.
                  went to ER where MRI showed my pituatary gland was fried…shock to me, to docs, mehh!

                  so i now must take hormones for the rest of my life

                  on opvido 12x @ 480mg going on 1 year , widespread itching sporadically and alot of joint pain

                  note; my 1st course of opvido 24x @ 240mg had no side effects. don’t know if going 2x a month at 240 would reduce sideeffects

                    After diagnosis of metastatic melanoma to my lung in December of 2021 I got an infusion in that month and the 2nd one in January. Was getting ready for my 3rd one and woke up very confused and I thought I was having a stroke. Called my Oncologist and they sent me to the hospital. I was there a week with severe headache. Had MRI’s and CT’s.
                    Had 3 spinal taps to make sure the cancer wasn’t in my brain. Was told I had a rare reaction where my immune system was attacking good cells. On steroids and felt better started to taper off and felt like I had the flu, my GP did blood work and my liver and kidney functions were very high. Again in the hospital and put on steroids again. Creatinine recovered and was tapered off again but have stomach, intestinal issues, and also pain in my shoulders so bad that I had to get injections of steroids. Can’t gain weight and my patience is off and I have anger issues. The cancer in my lung is gone but I am not the same person. Only 2 infusions. I will never take the combo again.
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