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One year under my belt

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      Finished by adjuvant treatment for State 3C on 4/3 (NIVO every two weeks – 24 treatments). Previous scans were clear other than where I had my CLND (SUV is minimal and continues to go down). My scan on 6/19 had one additional finding – Small focus of mild hypermetabolic FDG uptake involving the left calf which is indeterminate. While this may be vascular, could consider an MRI to exclude underlying abnormality/mass.
      My primary site was top of left shoulder. My onco was not worried and has now scheduled me for a CT scan only in October for torso (no MRI).. I asked him should I worry and he said no. I have started walking at the YMCA in November so I don’t know if this could be causing this mild FDG uptake. Always something to worry about in this business!!!!
      So after 1 year, here are the side affects I had:
      Thyroid started to go up and then corrected and is still normal.
      I still have lichen planus outbreaks. They recently tried a steroid (methylPREDNISolone) 6 day step down. No relief – To be continued….
      Creatitine level was high last two treatment. Initially thought it was my b.p. med now they think it was the NIVO. Anyway, finally back down to normal.
      Vitiligo – last two treatments splotches on back of hands. It has now completely turned my arms white from the wrist to the elbows. I’ve cut some minor patches on my face. The neck is for the most part now white. Dumb me, went to see contractors building my house and I was just going to be there for a couple of minutes. Well, I lost track of time and I was there for 2 hours in the sun. Without sun screen. I paid the price especially on the Vitilogo. I’m not that light skinned so this stuff looks pretty bad. It’s an acceptable trade off and a constant reminder of this cancer. Note to self: Don’t ever do this again!
      That’s it and now the waiting game until October. Wishing you all the best on this journey.
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          Congrats on the year Steve. Sure sounds like Nivo did a good job of super charging your immune system.
            Sorry you are dealing with side effects, though vitiligo is associated with very positive results!!! Congrats on clear scans! c
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