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Old mole growing and how to deal with the fear

Forums Cutaneous Melanoma Community Old mole growing and how to deal with the fear

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      Hi! I have a wonderful doctor who I am going to see Monday. I am just wondering if anyone has had a nevus the doctor has looked at many times and says is perfectly fine, not worried at all, just decide to grow and have it turn out to be melanoma? In my mind this one has needed to go since the beginning. However, it is the one the doctor has been the most confident is not melanoma.

      I had a Stage 1A Melanoma and I just graduated to every 6 months appointments because I hit the 2 year mark. I struggle with fear now. I mean, I FEAR. I can turn every mole and sun spot into something but this time my husband is like “Yikes.” He got out the tape measure this morning. Now I am churning my thoughts about it. Both the doctor and my husband are very patient with me. The doctor gives me an extra 15 minutes just to talk me through things. Pretty gracious really. This nevus has grown up and out. Very dark, textured, velvety (not hairy), and bumpy lumpy. At this point it is larger than a pencil eraser and not the best spot for skin removal stuff. It was oval and now it is round. Last time I wanted it gone because it chafes the doctor said he would freeze it. I wouldn’t let him. Honestly how do they even know if it is cancerous then?

      This really is such a mental problem for me. I want it tested if it gets removed. When they have to cut something off and it comes back benign or precancerous it brings steadiness with it. I mean Stage IA, awesome right? The perfect time to catch it. I would hate to freeze something to have it actually be cancerous. The truth is I am someone who just grows little things everywhere. Not like I can be mole, skin tag, age spot free. New little spots of some sort are always popping up. How often do dermatologists miss something? That seems like my secondary fear. That something will get missed. I never even worried about skin cancer. My primary I had removed because it was bleeding when I shaved my legs. I just thought I was shaving the top over and over. It was annoying not alarming. I think that is half the main fear. That I never thought it was a melanoma to begin with.

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          If your doctor wanted to freeze it, it is most likely not a nevus but a seborrheic keratosis. I would not worry over it but ask your doctor when you have an appointment. If this is indeed a nevus, he/she can remove it for your piece of mind.
            I definitely understand your concern and worry., as I had a mole which turned out to be stage 1A removed in March and a subsequent mole removal which was moderately atypical. If you feel that the mole is changing I would definitely discuss this concern with your dermatologist. It sounds like you and have a good working relationship with your doctor and he will understand why you are worried about this mole. It is most likely not melanoma, but I agree with you that I would rather have it removed and tested to be sure.
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