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      Today is Saturday and I feel a sense of relief in that I won’t get my biopsy results today. I am full of fear and attempting to keep busy, as I am sure many of you are.

      Because toe nail bed melanoma aka subgunal melanoma is so rare in caucasian people or just people in general it’s difficult to find any information specific to treatment and progression on this type of melanoma. I have found one reference on here to potential toe nail bed melanoma and that’s it!

      Back story. I had a malignant mole 40 years ago when I was quite young. In that time they removed a very large section of my upper thigh, but I have been absolutely fine since. Melanoma runs in my family: father, mother, sister and myself. I went for my check ups consistently and mostly did sun protection although at times found it kind of frustrating when golfing and outside gardening etc.

      About two weeks ago I had a pedicure before our Caribbean vacation and the light was just right for me to see a brown vertical stripe on my big toe. I told the tech to stop for a second as I wanted to get a better look. Barely remember finishing up the appointment as I knew in my heart of hearts I had a problem. I was fortunate to get in to see my dermatologist the next day and after careful thinking about my paid vacation, I went away for a week and came home to biopsy this past Wed. The pain afterwards lasted maybe 8 hours, but I had a left over RX from a year ago, when I broke three ribs. That helped a lot and pain free, mostly, since.

      I can read people and I know what I am looking at. Doctor was talking like I knew what he saying in his medical speak, but I knew. No idea if it’s progressed and if we caught it in time.

      I understand until biopsy comes back there’s not much information to pursue however, If I can look up information now, while I have less anxiety, then it is better. Anxiety is not our friend!

      Any feedback would be appreciated.

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          Dear Allyson,
          I just replied to another post just now on a sole melanoma. I so understand what you are going through. I will hope and pray that you caught it early.
          Please keep us/me posted. I am with you. Really.
              Thank you for your reply. I read the posting on sole bed and am so sorry to hear of that difficult decision.
              We have to be our own advocates and there are so many times we struggle with information that is medically complex and often difficult to understand.
              Thinking of all people dealing with this struggle.
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