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Mucosal Melanoma in Vagina and Cervix

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      I am quite new here.

      We are Thai and live in Thailand.  My mother, aged 77, found a breeding so she went to see an OB GEN doctor on January 13, 2017, at a small hospital. She had a biopsy and a results shows a malignant mucosal melanoma. She was referred to an OB GEN doctor at Chulalongkorn University Hospital. The doctor confirmed that the melanoma is at vagina and cervix. Not sure it started from cervix or vagina.

      She had an operation on February 6, 2017, removing her ovaries, tubes, uterus, some upper part of her vagina. However, the doctor said he could not remove all dark spots in her vagina that he found during the operation.  The specimens have sent for more biopsies for BRAF and blood test for MSI. 

      She will have a radiation (external beam) next week, which will last almost 7 weeks.

      Melanoma is such a rare case in my country.  Mucosal Melanoma is even worse.

      In case you have a similar case to my mother's, please advise me in what treatment that works well. Or if there is other methods that work, please let me know. 

      I also have biopsies results.  Can I post them here? So you can help me.

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          You are welcome here, though I am very sorry for what you and your mother are going through. Melanoma is difficult to treat and as you have already learned, mucosal melanoma is even more so.  Here is a link to all the research I have posted about mucosal melanoma:

          I think the best point is that the combination treatment of ipi/nivo (that is ipilimumab [an anti-CTLA-4 product also called Yervoy] combined with nivolizumab [an anti-PD-1 product also called Opdivo] works better than either one of those drugs alone.  Additionally, we have also learned that while surgery or radiation alone is not terribly successful in melanoma, combined with systemic treatment (like the ipi/nivo combo) can be very beneficial.

          I wish you and your mom my best.  Celeste


            So sorry to hear about your mom.  My mom also has mucosal melanoma, but her primary is rectal.  She did not have surgery, but instead started immediately on immunotherapy.  Is Keytruda available in Thailand?  My mom is currently on her first dose of Keytruda.  Alternative treatments to discuss with your doctor are ipilumumab and nivolumab.  My mom was previously on a combination of ipilumumab/nivolumab, but suffered adverse side effects after 1 dose and had to stop treatment for a couple of months to treat the side effects.  However, some people have successfully been on ipi/nivo without any side effects at all. 

            This site is a good resource for the latest melanoma treatments and has taught me a lot.  I think everyone will tell you to find a melanoma specialist if possible (which might be difficult in your country since melanoma is so rare).  There is also a facebook group of mucosal melanoma patients that is also a good resource:


                Hi, everyone, I'm new here and also a new case with melanoma in my cervix(knew about it in 31st, March)。 My doctor suggested a surgery followed  by Immunotherapy。 After doing some reading, I'm thinking if there is anyone who skipped the surgey and go straight with Immunotherapy?? Then I read this, so I would like to know how your mom and her doctor made the decision? 

                Thank you very much

                Mel for Taiwan


                Thank you all of you.  Do you have any ideas on vaccine targeting mucosal melanoma?


                    Vaccines are used when a tumor can be directly injected, usually when someone has a tumor just under the skin, but isn't that common even in the US. The best treatment options will be yervoy/opdivo combo or keytruda. 

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