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Lab question – Significance of high platelet count?

Forums Mucosal Melanoma Community Lab question – Significance of high platelet count?

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      Just wondering, got my labs back yesterday and melanoma doc said all OK but platelets were on the high (438).  Said just something to be watched and will repeat labs in a few months.  I figure if it was worrisome, she would not be willing to wait a few months to repeat.  But knowing there CAN be a link between high platelets and cancer recurrence, decided to come here and ask how common it is here to have elevated platelets as part of a melanoma diagnosis.

      Any input welcome.

      I am one of the mucosal melanoma survivors, 3, almost 4 years out from initial diagnosis, clear PET CT last year.  Try not to worry where there is no reason.  Still whenever anything unusual happens, my mind does race.


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          Never heard on this site or read about the connection between MM and high platelets. It can be due to many other reasons, perhaps connected with aging? 



            Hey Cheri, For most labs, a normal platelet count is considered to be 150-450…so I'm not sure that your platelets are actually "elevated".  While there is some association between increased platelets and lymphoma, lung, breast, GI, and ovarian cancers, in all my years of melanoma research I have never seen an association between melanoma and increased platelets.  Sounds like your docs are just being cautious and rechecking your levels because you were on the high end of normal – and that seems like a reasonable plan.  wishing you well.  c


              Thank you!

              Doc just said platelets on the high side and we would recheck on next set of labs, just something to keep an eye on.  She didn't say but I knew there could be a link between thrombocytosis and cancer.  Did not know what it was or if it was true for melanoma, so just enough information to cause a nagging question in my head.

              Also, the conversation happened in last 2 minutes of visit as I was leaving and thought to ask about my routine lab, so she didn't actually even bring it up.  But then I didn't know if that was because we had been dicussing so much else and hadn't gotten to it, or because it wasn't something she felt needed mentioning.  Most of the time she does not mention my routine lab results unless I ask, but it has always been completely normal.

              This is actually the first even slightly abnormal lab result I have ever had and even this is only on the high side, not actually elevated.  I am in my late 40s and overall healthy.

              At any rate, she is not doing anything different.  My next lab would be due in August and that's when she plans to recheck. 

              Well, fingers crossed it's just a fluky platelet count.  Who knows.

              Thanks for the info! 


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