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Good News and Not So Good News

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      The good news….Roy was able to get combo Yervoy/Opdivo treatment on Monday. Still no serious side effects .  No fever since his pneumonia was treated. We switched oncologists (same practice, different doctor) and we like this one better. We both prefer a doctor who uses his stethoscope for more than decoration around his neck. We're going to attempt once more to get a port placed to make the treatments easier.  We tried once already, but that's when we found out he had pneumonia, so it was a no go.  The port insertion is scheduled for May 28th.  He is scheduled for his 4th combo treatment on May 29th. 
           The not so good news…We met with a pulmonary about his specialist about his pneumonia/asthma/breathing issues. I don't know what all of this means, but it doesn't sound good.  Quoting from report, "Lungs appear mildly hyperextended with prominent reticulonodular pattern in the mid and lower lung zone. This could represent changes related to chronic interstitial lung disease. Possibility of acute infection or inflammatory process can not be excluded. A less likely consideration would include nodules related to metastatic disease. Chest CT scan recommended to assist in diagnosis. Possibly calcified gallstones,"
           So, next Wednesday, May 17th, CT scan, meeting Friday the !9th to discuss results with pulmonary specialist. We are so blessed that other than the shortness of breath he's feeling okay. The tumor along his jawline (in parotid gland) has shrunk very significantly and can barely be felt.Until they tell us otherwise,  I  choose to believe that if the largest tumor is shrinking then the tiny spot on his lungs should be shrinking as well, and that the current problem with lungs is non-cancer related.   Prayers are much appreciated.

           This is such a roller coaster. I am so grateful that he hasn't experienced any severe side effects and with the tumor visibly shrinking, I want to believe he's going to be ok and be with me for many years to come. But then I get news like this and it literally knocks me to my knees, forcing me to face the fact that despite all of our very best efforts, it may not be ok. I know I have to be strong for him, so please pray for me to, that I can keep up a positive and brave front even when I'm not feeling so positive and brave, It means so much that I can come here to unload and know that y'all understand. Be blessed! I'll post an update after we meet with pulmonary specialist next Friday.

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          I'm glad you found an oncologist you can feel confident in. That's so important. Sounds like Roy is getting good care. He's lucky to have a wife like you by his side. 

          Best wishes to you and Roy,



            I definitely agree that this journey is a roller coaster! I will pray for you and your husband…I know how hard it is to try and stay strong and positive…you need to have someone or someplace to vent…that's one reason why this forum is so helpful.

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