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Gamma knife vs Proton therapy vs Plaque

Forums Ocular Melanoma Community Gamma knife vs Proton therapy vs Plaque

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      Hi guys,
      I would appreciate any advice which would help me decide which of these 3 options is the best for the treatment of a Ocular melanoma on the Choroid. Personal experience would be very valuable.

      Both have their advantages/disadvantages, but since a lot of sources are biased towards one or the other, it is very difficult to find an objective comparison for this specific application.

      My main concerns are
      1. which one will do less damage to the surrounding tissue (taking into consideration precision, strength of the radiation and imaging techniques during the procedure.)

      2. I heard that people feel a bit tired/ mentally unwell after Gamma knife… is this true from your experience?

      3. With Plaque and Proton therapy there is a surgery needed before the treatment… do you think that this increases the risk of cancer cells getting into the blood and causing metastases?

      4. If you move your eye during proton therapy, is it catastrophic?

      5. Plaque seems like the cheapest procedure for insurance companies… is that basically the only advantage? 🙂

      Regarding my specific case: I have a choroidal OM with the size of 30mm×6mm. No known metastases

      Thank you again very much for any advice

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          Hello! I chose Proton Therapy–in hindsight I should have done the research you are doing…so good job! Although, I guess everyone’s experience will be somewhat unique. I will share mine. In terms of moving your eye during proton therapy, the caregivers I had made me comfortable with that–they are watching your eye through cameras the whole time, and can stop the beam instantly–at least that was my understanding. The one downside I have experienced, is the location of the tumor dictates the angle they ‘come in’ with the beam–which in my case, caused some annoying damage to my eyelid. I am a year and a half out from treatment and the eyelid skin still flakes and peals and is red with scar tissue. In terms of the success, all my follow-ups have shown the choroidal tumor to be ‘inactive’–not growing anymore. It doesn’t actually ever ‘go away’, it will always show up in my scans as a mass–I guess dead cells at this point? If my tumor had been bigger, I would have done more research on having my eye taken out and gotten a prosthetic. Hope this was helpful.
            Oh, I didn’t talk about the surgery–I actually disliked the idea of two surgeries (double the chance for things to go wrong!)–which did help my decision to do the proton therapy–and also, for me, the idea of being ‘radioactive’ for a week was not too exciting. The surgery (and recovery) to put the ‘clips’ on the eye around the tumor was not too difficult.
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