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Child’s biopsy report after Parent diagnosed stage 1a

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      Hi, my husband was diagnosed with stage 1a six months ago.  Found so much support here, thank you.  Hope for some insight:  

      Our 12 year old had a small mole excised on the palm in the crease as precaution.  Was excised by plastic surgeon due to location a shave would not get clear margins.  This small flat pigment mole appeared many years ago having an triangular shape.  There were no changes in growth, color, edges and has been checked many times.  Decided to get it removed mostly out of paranoia due to my husbands recent diagnosis and it’s odd shape.  

      The Dermatopathology report came back:  Compound Nevus with Atypia and Spitzoid Features.  The lesion extends close to one radial margin.  Lesion completely excised with minimal margins.  

      Head Pediatric Dermatopathologist reviewed/notes: Part of atypia may be attributed to the anatomical location. Clinical correlation is suggested.  If the lesion was clinically atypical, and has not been clinically completely excised, this is suggested.  

      Plastic surgeon said no worries just watch for pigment regrowth as clear margins were minimal due to location.  Called dermatologist and she has a call into head pediatric Dermatopathologist to ask if he suggests re excision for wider margins.  I’m worried this could be malignant in nature but dermatologist said they would have mentioned this in the report if it was suspicious for melanoma.  I’m not so sure and feeling anxiety, don’t feel comfortable saying it’s all good with atypical/spitzoid features.  






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          Hello! I'm sorry you are here, but hopefully you will find some good advice. I am an adult with a spitzoid, and they did a wide excision. I believe spitzoid are far more common in children but in adults not so common and therefore assumed to be melanoma for adults. So, mine is considered melanoma. If you are not already seeing a melanoma specialist, maybe visit one to get clarity. It sounds like they are comfortable that it was fully excised but you should follow up for peace of mind. My daughter recently had an "atypical" mole removed and the pathology was quite unclear. Frustrating and scary. Make sure you get full answers and put this behind you so you can not think about it constantly. Easier said than done, I know.  Good luck!  


            Stage 1b here from May 2018.  Sent my 23 yr old daughter to derm in June 2018.  Atypical spitz on shin.  Complete excision. Like you…I feared the diagnosis bc of my experience.  Had path reviewed by my oncologist and he confirmed atypical spitz. My derm and onc said spitz are common in children.  My daughter had this mole for years but bc of my diagnosis they played it safe and ran the biopsy then excised.  You can always send the sample to another pathology dept for a 2nd opinion.  Peace of mind is very important. 

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