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       Let me refresh your  memory ( or you could just look up at the previous replies)…. I was ASKED to explain my previous comments.   I’m not  required to modify my opinion or the length of my explanation because you don’t like me personally.

      As for your ungrateful remark…advocating to keep the things we’ve lost isn’t ungrateful—it’s essential. The changes and how the format affects members directly affects the quality of the board. If you love it, you show up to maintain it.   Chat is almost always empty= virtually useless. It used to be filled with  people who visited throughout the day and night when they had a spare moment or more ( that is what attracts new people to come in- just in case you are not aware of how that works).  As the boards become more difficult to use and less vibrant – the time spent here will continue to diminish. You know that the MRF isn’t providing the content by answering the questions- today or for the last decade plus- you’re just being ugly.

      Why the snarky comment on my personal connections to Melanoma? How do you think people come to the Stage One board? They are recruited off the Main board- for 8 years new people have consistently cycled in and out and it maintains around 200 members. These people also have private interaction not reflected in the content of the Stage One group .The personal e-mail circles, of which mine is only one, are a direct result of the "essence of this board" and a positive. Everyone benefits when the board functions easily, brings people in and the most important thing -KEEPS THEM HERE. That happens when the content AND environment are compelling  & you can’t get it elsewhere. This board is losing this and we need to speak out about the loss.

      So, tell me…you’re not very bright or just being nasty? I bet I can guess   )Those darn cute smileys… I would really like purple font  in Comic Sans, too-but I’M NOT THAT UNGRATEFUL-pffft )

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