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Re: Limb Amputation- acral melanoma

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      Hi Tim. Thank you for your kind words. Jerry is ckit negative. We were soooo crushed when we received that news. We had such high hopes that we were as Jerryfromfauq had told us about gleevac.

      It doesn’t make sense to me how they can find treatments for mutations but they don’t seem to have treatments when you don’t have mutations or maybe it is just finding the mutation we do have. It is hard to understand. Or maybe because we don’t have mutations, Jerry might respond to IL2 or Ipilimumab. I wish there was a way to "who" has responded to "what" treatment- not just who the person is but exact detail on the melanoma and what treatment it responded to. Like who has responded to IL2 and what are the specifics on their melanoma, their blood type, etc. The bad with knowing it all is that it could limit treatment too and hope too.

      Sorry to ramble and thanks again,



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