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Essay on “September”

First of September morning. I wake up to the cheerful melody of my alarm clock, telling me that it’s time to get up and get ready for school. It’s very strange, because yesterday it was summer, and my friends and I could walk around town late, completely forgetting about the early rise, lessons, and textbooks.

And now it’s September… It’s early fall, but the sun is still shining dazzlingly bright. It is still possible to walk down the street without a hat, just throwing a windbreaker over your shoulders. Only now you use have to wake up every day at seven in the morning and run to class. But after school, just as on vacation, you can indulge in carefree fun: play soccer at the stadium and ride scooters around the yard.

The days get progressively shorter in September, and the sun dips below the horizon at six or seven o’clock in the evening. Unbeknownst to me, the cold autumn wind comes from where, swaying and fluttering the trees at night, and chilling my arms and exposed neck in the morning.

Over time, the windbreaker changes into a warm leather jacket with a hood to protect me from the rain, which has been a frequent guest in our city since about the middle of the month. In this weather we no longer want to spend time outdoors, and we want to sit at home in the warmth and drink hot tea with jam.

But still there are nice days in late September, when the sun, now quite distant and cold, for a while comes out of the clouds. It illuminates the yellowing leaves on the trees and the fallen chestnuts on the ground. As we buy dissertation gather these autumn fruits, which serve as ammunition for the game, my friend Vasya and I have a good laugh and compete for the title of champion according to the number of chestnuts we find.

Soon real cold will come, and the first snow will fall. Then we write papers for money won’t have long to wait for the arrival of winter. It is sad to watch such a fading of nature and to know that it is impossible to bring back the summer that has passed. But after winter always comes spring, and after that comes the time of long-awaited vacations, bright, playful sunshine, and warmth.

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