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When Women Stop Having Sex
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 One issue that I’ve noticed men of all walks of life complaining about, is that their woman has completely stopped wanting to have sex with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wife, a longtime girlfriend, or just a fling; most men will experience this at some point in their lives. As simple as the solution is, no one seems to know about it, or else we wouldn’t have so many men complaining about their woman not wanting to have sex.

I’ve been in a multitude of relationships, playing around with various ideas here and there, and I believe that I finally have it completely figured out. To save time, I’m not going to talk about how women get to the point of not wanting to have sex, but rather, how to get them to start wanting to have sex with you again. Also, I’m going to assume that you are a real man, and not just a whiney wimpy type guy that they absolutely despise.

Alright, so how do you get your woman to start wanting to have sex with you again? It’s a combination of a few things. First, you have to relieve her stress. If your woman is stressing, then she won’t want to have sex. I think most of you already know that part, but exactly how do you relieve a woman of stress?

For starters, just talk to her about her day, what’s going on in her life, etc. Don’t disagree with her, or try to critisize her. No matter what, agree with her, even if she’s wrong. If it’s something that really is critical, then at the worst, just ask her questions. For example, let’s say that she has her own business that’s going down the tank. Don’t critisize her for continuing to pour money into it. Instead, ask her a series of questions that will lead her to see why she shouldn’t pour more money into it. If it’s not something that critical, then just agree with her. Don’t pick unnecessary fights or create unnecessary stress.

The more that she feels like she can openly talk to you without being critisized or having an argument, the less stressed she is going to be. This is good, as it allows her to start to relax some, which is necessary for her to want to have sex. I know that being a boyfriend or husband, you feel like you have the right to tell her that she is wrong or not doing enough of something, but if your woman is stressed, then you really need to back completely away from it, especially if you want sex.

And secondly, she has to feel sexy and loved; like she is the most important and sexiest woman in the world. Again, this is all assuming that she sees you as a man, and not as a whiny wimpy beta male. This is done by constantly complimenting her, constantly touching her, constantly letting her know how much she means to you, and overall, constantly trying to be romantic and affectionate. Some women may push you away initially, because they’re not use to a lot of affection, but little by little, you need to persist in doing it. Sooner or later, she’ll become comfortable with it, love it, and start to feel really sexy.

Now here comes the big part, and where most men mess up. Keep doing the above, but understand that it’s going to take some time before she wants to have sex again. What women who don’t want to have sex with their men are looking for, is consistency. You can’t just talk to her once or a few times to relieve a little stress, or make her feel sexy for a little bit, and then expect her to want to start having sex with you again. Little by little, you have to let her release a little stress here and there, and feel sexy and loved here and there.

When she feels relaxed, loved, and sexy over a period of time, THEN she will feel like she is ready to start having sex with you again. Women don’t just look back at how they feel and how you’ve been treating them recently; they look back over a longer period of time. How long is that period of time? It differs from woman to woman, but what you can do is test her out every now and then. If she resists you when you attempt to have sex, then completely back off, tell her that you understand, don’t make or let her feel bad for not having sex with you, and continue to talk to her about her day to day issues, continue to make her feel sexy, and continue to show her love and affection.

Overall, just make her feel like the sex doesn’t matter. Go for it every now and then to see if she’s finally ready for it*, but don’t make it a big deal if you don’t get it. After awhile, she will feel completely relaxed knowing that she’s coming home to you, sexy when she’s with you, and loved unconditionally, and seeing how you’ve been over the past few weeks or months, she will want to have sex with you just because of the way that you make her feel.


The actual time period of actually getting sex depends on how long she has gone with a lot of stress, not feeling sexy, and not feeling loved. If you’re just now reading this post and taking action, it may take several weeks or months before she is in the mood to start having sex again. However, if she has only been feeling stressed, not sexy, and not loved, over the past few days, then she will turn around and want to have sex a lot sooner.

*Every now and then is not every day. Try once every week or two.

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