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5 Appropriate Technology in Agriculture

Although there are many farmers who use technology to facilitate their work, there are still farmers who choose to do their work traditionally. In fact, this action will make the farmer lag behind and even lose money. Because it is less productive due to the use of traditional methods which tend to be less effective and efficient. Various Appropriate Technologies in Agriculture.

Another obstacle why farmers do not use appropriate technology is because the dissemination of appropriate technology is still not evenly distributed, so farmers do not get information about it. Various Appropriate Technologies in Agriculture.

Now, talking about appropriate technology in agriculture, some of them are as follows:


During the harvest season, of course, farmers will need a lot of energy to thresh rice and process it into rice, then sell it. Farmers who use the traditional method will thresh rice by beating or pounding the rice. Activities carried out in this way will take a long time and the results are less than perfect.

By using this machine technology, users will be able to experience advantages such as the short-cut method or direct-to-machine hay feeding, hand-held hay feeding, and many other advantages. The resulting grain damage was less than 2%. The separation ability reaches 98% with a working capacity of up to 500 kg/hour (depending on the type of machine).

2. CornCorn

Sheller Machinesheller machine is one of the Appropriate Technology that will help farmers to carry out the shelling process on corn that has been harvested. The workings of this machine is by peeling the corn kernels from the cob. By using this machine, corn farmers will save more time and yield more shelling than the manual method.

This machine uses a driving force with the power of a 6.5 HP Diesel Motor, and a working capacity of about 1 to 1.5 tons per hour. Requires 2 workers to operate this machine. Its main components consist of a cleaning chamber, frame and wheels, as well as a sheller chamber.


Manure Spreader is a tool for sowing organic fertilizer. This machine technology will facilitate the work of farmers in sowing fertilizers in dry fields or rice fields. This organic fertilizer sowing machine will help sow with even results and also the process will be faster than sowing fertilizer using the farmers themselves.

The type of fertilizer that is usually used is organic fertilizer with a dose of 10 to 12 tons per hectare. This machine uses a driving force in the form of a two-wheel tractor with a maximum working speed of up to 3km/hour.

4. Tractor Machines Tractor

machines will be an Appropriate Technology that really helps farmers to plow the fields. They no longer need to use livestock power and the work of plowing the fields will be completed faster because it is done by a machine.

5. Seed Oil Extract Production Machine

Appropriate technology in the form of a seed oil producing machine will be appropriate if it is developed by grain farmers. The selling price of agricultural products in the form of grains is unstable and sometimes reaches low numbers, but when it is extracted into oil, the selling price becomes much higher. So, it is not wrong if the development of this oil extract making machine is believed to be very helpful for the farmers’ economy

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