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    Charlie S

      Heck bcl, doesn’t sound like a whiner to me, I suggested early on there be spell check due to the amount of medically technical information that gets exchanged here, and yes, for those for whom english is a second language, as well as for those not to accomplished at typing.   During testing, they had the actual full toolbar normally seen while composing a  word processing document that included spell check and I mentioned that I liked that idea…………….then it was removed.  Maybe I should have said it stunk and then it would have been included.

      Not being able to change the title bar when replying also is detrimental due to many newcomers who post a generic subject line like "hello or help" whereas a seasoned visitor could change the reply head to say "Need IPI Information about Brain Mets"……well you get the idea.

      Also, the whole testing time all I heard is the BB would remain "threaded", but alas it is not.  I don’t understand the need for all the redundant links at the bottom of the page…………..that real estate could be better utilized by ditching the bottom links in order to give a longer page view.

      I sure don’t understand the lack of "embedding" features…………..that is pretty much web page 101 as far as bulletin boards go.

      I also don’t buy it that it was technically "impossible " to optimize the site for viewing with notebooks, netbooks, or mobile devices and here is why:  I went to an Apple Store the other day and mentioned the viewing problem while test driving an iPad, the tech said with the usual Apple flair "oh, there’s an app for that" and in about four minutes, came up with an app and presto, this site was optimized………if he could do it that fast, one has to believe a web author surely could.

      Lastly to achive the entire history of MPIP was a like putting all that collective knowledge in jail…….yes, one can find it, but it certainly is not easy.

      Oh well, let us hope they can get it right because even though there are some nice new features, I fear far more was lost than gained…….in particular the absolute death of the legacy of knowledge of MPIP.

      Charlie S

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