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Re: Posting a pic from Photo Bucket with new posting stuff

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      Don, I was the one who mentioned it before -I'm like a broken record – still think it's a huge loss, both here and on the main board. For me it factors into the missing magic Jerry is talking about.  And yet you say a program would have been available off the shelf for this?   I hope some folks join me in asking for the feature back.

      BTW, this is what I wrote before..  guess I'll step down from the soap box now but we irish are often spoon fed our magic so I can't promise to shut up for long. linda: )

      Re: changing subject line within a thread

      I loved this feature of the old board; it added clarity on the main board and humour OTB
      Questions (related or otherwise) are often asked within a thread by patients, these can be overlooked if not for others changing the subject line to draw attention to the post. One thread could efficiently accommodate multiple concerns.
       It seems to me this was not a frivolous feature, but one that enhanced communication -a worthy goal on a cancer board.


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