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Re: Posting a pic from Photo Bucket with new posting stuff

Forums General Melanoma Community Posting a pic from Photo Bucket with new posting stuff Re: Posting a pic from Photo Bucket with new posting stuff


      OK, so the photos are being sized to fit in the available space. Here's the details from the sunset shot:

      800px × 600px (scaled to 555px × 416px)

      It's was scaled smaller because the reply is indented so the available space is less. This is not necessarily a problem, but I think we should understand how it is working. If my photos were say 500 pixels wide then they probably would have been posted at original size.

      While I'm chattering away, this also shows another issue with the forum and that is that's it's difficult to find new replies in a thread because they can be found anywhere along the thread if they are replies to a reply. I think it would be better if it was not possible to reply to a reply but only to the original post in a thread. That way all the replies would be in chronological order and new posts would be easy to find at the bottom of the thread. Just my opinion! You can always quote the person you are replying to if that's necessary (not a bad idea in any case).

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