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    Carmon in NM

      I'm so sorry this has happened to your dad! I'm 57 and had the same thing happen with an emergency craniotomy on June 25th. I've since also had Gamma Knife Surgery on July 27th. My vision was affected to the point I was temporarily blind as well as having hearing and cognition affected. I still have problems with this when I a get tired and I get tired fast!

      I had read Jill Bolte Taylor's book 'My Stroke of Insight' several years ago and it helped me tremendously to understand what had happened to me and how to re-hook up  those lines of communication to my brain. I would suggest you read it and you will find lots of thing that will inspire and help you! I invented my own rehab programs inspired by her experience and everyone is pretty amazed at how fast I'm recovering.


      The important thing is they now know you actually *can* grow new healthy brain cells and connections and Dr Taylor continued to recover lost portions of her brain after five years! Just don't give up hope and I hope your dad will be able to change his doctor's minds!

      Carmon in NM

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