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      Gosh for starters…here are a few things that ‘sanitized the board"…I’d say limiting the availability of choice in the method of expression ( example: through  pictures ,videos, html enhancement)…this gave a view into  our personal nature / lives —one way this board came to be so distinctive . The most overwhelming is the loss of the first posts of the original members of this board-SOME of whom are still here…some not. 1997…to 2003,specifically. The past Off Topic had about 100,000 posts, the MainBoard around 400,000 posts and the Darkside had many more than 400,000 when it was deleted ( they were numbered, much the same as they are here- now around 200ish) .That’s a significant history -the quality and type of communication was compelling.  You don’t find that kind of personalization on  message boards.

      The whining about the loss of the Darkside has always been personality related,but this loss had wider reaching consequences. This precipitated the lack of member visitation in the chat rooms and slow down in overall board activity.Certain individuals may be happy that chapter has closed,but the loss created-the slack-has not been picked up by those individuals-isn’t that always the way?

      This most recent change isn’t the only cause of the loss of essence…it’s been cumulative. The private  ( vs. corporate/foundation) ownership of the bulletin board was able to give acknowledgment to diverse patient personality and enable emotional expression of the different methods of dealing with Melanoma.  This largess, compassion and understanding provided optional outlets for everyone and that has nothing to do with giving the current format a chance. That’s gone-as is to be expected with change in focus and concern for liability. BUT, then, that was also a direct result of some with limited ability to function in an decade old environment that wasn’t created to pander to delicate sensibilities.  Oh, and the brief period of time when that board was inhabited by so-called anonymous members with litigious natures or religious persecution complexes and crusades ( NOT that there’s anything wrong with religion based standards…one reason there where multiple options !)

      You’re right in one respect, you have to make do with what you have, but that doesn’t change the fact the differences are many and the results have been detrimental to the community.


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